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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (US):


    Features: *Compelling story driven by fantastically unusual and surreal 3D environments and characters *5 CD-ROMs of absorbing exploration take you through 4 dream realms *Challenging puzzles that become your world, as your world becomes a puzzle *Original musical score by Thomas Dolby

    You arrive, a stranger in a strange land. Confused, disoriented, you make your way through the twisted, surreal world in search of your partner, Max. All you carry with you is the knowledge you've grown to accept as the truth. But you're about to discover that what the truth is depends on what world you're in. And in this world, things don't necessarily work the way they're supposed to. In this world, the characters don't exactly do what you might expect them to. In this world, the laws of physics have somehow become contorted, what is up and what is down is merely a matter of opinion. Here, after every perplexing puzzle you solve, another lurks around the corner. And as you unravel each elusive mystery, an even bigger one begins to unfold. The question is, will you put together all the pieces of the puzzle and make the right choice when the time comes.

    "We hope you have as many sleepless nights playing Obsidian as we had making it." - Adam Wolff, Howard Cushnir and Scott Kim, Obsidian Game Designers

    Contributed by Jeanne (76327) on Feb 05, 2007.

PC Player Magazine DK (July, 1998):
    "Obsidian er klart en af de mest originale spiloplevelser i lang tid." - PC Player

    "...engaging gameplay, outstanding animation." - Computer Gaming World

    "Myst-elskere gl├Žd jer - her kommer den nye konge." - PC Player


    Contributed by Apogee IV (2322) on Jan 05, 2007.

Unknown Source:
    Your Rules Do Not Apply Here

    Contributed by Null McNull (35) on Jun 08, 2000.