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Great ideas, almost great execution Maury Markowitz (253) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Power Play (Nov, 1993)
So genial das unverwüstliche Postspielprinzip von Pax Imperia auch ist, ohne Netzwerk und einen Haufen Mitspieler verkümmert der Spielspaßturm zum lauen Lüftchen. Die Computergegner sind zwar ganz schön gewieft, aber der Rechner kann auf Dauer keine menschlichen Opponenten ersetzen. Mein strahlendes Lächeln und die 80er Traumnote gibt’s deshalb nur für den Multiplayer-Modus. Solo verstaubt Pax Imperia im Schrank. Außerdem gibt’s jede Menge Alternativen: Spaceward Ho! und Masters of Orion schlagen in die gleiche Kerbe wie der Neuling.
A strategic space conquest simulation, currently only for the Macintosh, which rivals Reach for the Stars in scope. The game can be played turn-based or real-time. The latter is pretty strange for a galactic-scale game, but it does offer some variety. Ship design is so detailed that it makes the specifications for vessels in Master of Orion look simple by comparison. This comprehensive simulation involves the player in both internal and intergalactic politics - you may even define your homeworld’s racial characteristics. Rich as the play is, it lacks the briskness of Master of Orion or Reach For The Stars, and a good tutorial is sorely needed.
High Score (May, 1994)
Detta tradiga spel ger tunga ögonlock, dessutom innehåller det några mindre buggar vilket gör att tröttheten ytterligare förvärras.
On the grand cosmic gaming scale, the quality of Pax Imperia more than outweighs its blemishes. The interface takes a little longer to get used to than it might, but ends up being quite serviceable. The important thing is that the game system itself is rich and deep. Each game takes a long time to play and is totally engaging throughout. For those who like monstrous, involved strategy games, especially space-based ones, Pax Imperia is a pleasing and challenging addition to its genre.