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Pool of Radiance Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen
Character creation
1st-person view, building in front of my party
Visiting the temple
Spellbook of my Cleric
Character status
The city clerk
Goblins in the slums
Can't say the Orc doesn't have a valid reason to be angry
Battle screen
I've made it to the wilderness, just outside the city
Fighting a Tiger
Dialogue options during encounters
Gates (or what's left of them) of Sokal Keep
Insect infestation
Surprised a group of Lizardmen in the wilderness (color)
The color support is limited, while things in the 1st- person view and the wilderness are non-monochrome, a lot of other graphics (e.g. portraits) are not.
Graveyard (color)
Install screen (GOG version)
Main title (GOG version)
Code protection screen (GOG version)
Creating new character (GOG version)
Main menu (GOG version)
Ready for tour of the city (GOG version)
The temple of Tyr (GOG version)
Area map (GOG version)
Talking to the council clerk (GOG version)
The guards don't like people snooping around where they shouldn't (GOG version)
Against all odds (GOG version)