Portal 2 Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Title screen changes as you progress here we have Chell & GLaDOS
Main menu
Extras menu
Game start you awake from stasis
Wheatley jabbering on as usual - something about a long sleep something something...
Here we go - Test Chamber 00
Infomercials before each chamber with GLaDOS talking in the background about this coming chamber test
Lab rat graffiti appears throughout the facility
Taking a short-cut of sorts from a test chamber with some behind the scenes of Aperture Labs here
Test 14 with 3 beam targets and only 1 reflective cube...hmmm
Test 15 Oh yeah I remember sentry bots but also includes blue walkway which has many uses
Sentry bots surrounding the cube.... nice
Laser redirection on a sentry bot... bye bye
Another test with blue walkways
Killing off some sentry bots with reflective cube and laser beam
GLaDOS finally getting caught up and preparing the test chambers with this one finished nice
Little break-out of test chamber 21 with Wheatley on his rail
Chell in a view from port to port
Aperture Science facility is an amazing place
Sentry bot testing
That wasn't a good idea per Wheatley
Neurotoxin manufacturing facilities
Remember if you see an implosion look right at it!
Following Wheatley through the tubes
An GLaDOS isn't happy as my containment is breaking apart
Aperture Science facility is huge!
Now that's a big door!
Scale is hard to capture in screenshots
An exit door and of course no catwalk
Cave Johnson a founder of Aperture Science
Catwalk or not I'm landing on that door.....woh woh
Everything bounces on the blue gel including cubes
Wait blue gel on the walls?