Prey Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

main menu
Game intro with Tommy (Native American) talking to himself in the restroom
Enisi (Grandpa) Tommy's relative
Tommy's love interest / girlfriend Jen tending bar
Judas Priest on the Jukebox at least
Had to teach these guys a lesson
Something rumbling outside the bar and its coming through the walls
All of us are transported to some alien ship
First signs of aliens while dangling on some type of tram
Broke free of the tram and still have my pipe wrench... what is this slim... yuk
I think I'm on the floor and they are on the ceiling... I think...but how?
Jen and Grandpa are still trapped on the tram going somewhere...but where
Some weird portal device... OK lets give it a shot
Grandpa about to be smashed.... by that machine.... I think....
Another type of portal
This ship is alive
Enemy alien firing at me
Using the scope to target for a clean head-shot
Not sure what the box portal and this sphere have in common
I'm on the sphere .... tiny somehow...
We are in earth orbit on some spaceship....
Pulled into the Native American spirit world
Grandpa as a spirit
My first out of body spirit walk across fire
Special spirit bow
My spirit Talon who will help me during my journey
I've died and must defend myself from dead spirits to return to the living
Back at the bar which is being consumed by alien technology