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Advertising Blurbs
    Dieses Prince of Persia spielt in einem Land, dessen Wurzeln in der antiken persischen Mythologie verankert sind. Der Prinz findet sich inmitten eines epischen Kampfes zwischen den ursprünglichen Kräften von Licht und Dunkelheit wieder: Ormazd, der Gott des Lichts fordert seinen Bruder Ahrimann, den zerstörerischen Gott der Dunkelheit, heraus. Der Prinz muss mit ansehen, wie der legendäre Baum des Lebens durch diesen Konflikt zerstört wird. Nun droht die gesamte Welt in ewiger Dunkelheit zu versinken. Diese Bedrohung manifestiert sich in einer dunklen Substanz, die Land und Luft durchzieht und vergiftet. Der Prinz muss sich mit seiner Tod-bringenden Begleiterin Elika verbünden, um die Welt vor dem Verderben zu retten.

    Contributed by jaXen (256249) on Jun 13, 2015.
    Prince of Persia is set in a land rooted in ancient Persian mythology, with the Prince finding himself caught in an epic battle between the primal forces of light and darkness—the God of Light, Ormazd versus his brother Ahriman, the destructive God of Darkness. The Prince arrives just in time to witness the destruction of the legendary Tree of Life, an act which threatens to plunge the entire world into eternal darkness.

    Manifested in the form of the Corruption, a dark substance that physically contaminates the land and the skies, the Prince must partner with Elika, a deadly companion, to heal the world from the evil Corruption.

    • A new hero: Master the acrobatics, strategy and fighting tactics of the most agile warrior of all time. Grip fall down the face of a building, perform perfectly timed acrobatic combinations, swing over canyons, buildings, and anything that is reachable. This new rogue warrior must utilize all of his new skills along with a whole new combat system to battle Ahriman's corrupted lieutenants to heal the land from the dark Corruption and restore the light.
    • An epic journey: Escape to experience the new fantasy world of ancient Persia. Masterful storytelling and sprawling environments deliver action-adventure fans an experience that rivals even the best Hollywood movies.
    • Open-world structure: A first for the Prince of Persia franchise—now you have the freedom to determine how the game evolves in this non-linear adventure. Unfold the storyline by choosing your path in the open-ended world.
    • Deadly new ally: History's greatest ally is revealed in the form of Elika, a dynamic A.I. companion who joins the Prince in his fight to save the world. Gifted with magical powers, she interacts with you in combat, acrobatics, and puzzle-solving enabling the Prince to reach new heights of deadly high-flying artistry through special duo acrobatic moves or devastating fighting combo attacks.
    • Next-gen engine: The franchise’s debut on next-generation consoles utilizes Ubisoft’s proprietary Anvil engine, the same engine used to develop Assassins Creed™.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22259) on Sep 30, 2010.