Quake III: Arena Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Loading a level
Game start - Killed Crash
Levels for tier 1
Each set of levels increases difficulty and an intros with an animation like this
A quick cameo of each bot opponent you will face for the tier - Bitterman
A quick cameo of each bot opponent you will face for the tier - Hossman
During the match you can check the score for the round
Got the rocket launcher and Quad damage - blue haze
Fragged Sarge with a rocket shot made him gib all over the walls and he dropped the Quad damage
Fragged two players with rockets with two yellow winged skulls for - double excellent medals
Quad damage shotgun does the trick
Leading the level but Grunt put me down
Several bots under water after the 200 red armor gets rockets instead giblets all over
Slash takes a rocket
In the water again this time high above them - like shooting fish in a barrel
Falling off the platform into the lava below
Railgun kill is quick with gib still in the air from the shot
Three back to back rocket shot frags
Klesk explodes from near point blank rocket shot
Rocket shot on Klesk from long range - currently have the Battle Suit power-up showing a golden haze
Out of ammo but have the Quad damage and gauntlet
Triple frag with another target Lucy still in the corridor