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Appletell (Apr 10, 2012)
Overall, though, RAGE is truly a must-buy if you need a new kind of FPS that takes a much different route than what you may be used to. Even without the multiplayer (which doesn’t seem too exciting anyway), the $40 cost for this game is easily justifiable in the campaign alone. If the lack of multiplayer is an issue for you, you can always get the PC or console version instead, but as I said you wouldn’t be missing much without it anyway.
Games4Mac (2012)
Auch wenn ich der Meinung bin, dass id Software gerade im Bezug auf Story- und Spielgestaltung sehr viel verschenkt hat, bleibt RAGE trotzdem ein sehr guter Shooter, der viel zu bieten hat. Bei der Spielauswahl, die wir als Mac-User haben, stellt RAGE schon fast einen Pflichtkauf für alle Shooter-Fans dar. Zu beachten ist allerdings die Download-Größe von 13 GB, je nach Leitung sollte man also etwas Zeit mitbringen.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 02, 2012)
Despite all that, Rage is an easy sell in the end. It looks amazing, is a blast to play and provides a wide variety of guns and gadgets to play with and clever AI to shoot at. The driving is impressively sharp and never gets boring. There are a few technical stumbles and bugs but nothing that truly gets in the way. It could also do with a more creative story and a true open world, but perhaps we will see these things in Rage 2 should it be made. It's not a deep game but it's an incredibly fun and thrilling one that's well worth your $40. Fans of a good shooter, arcade racing or id software won't want to miss out.
Macworld (Apr 10, 2012)
Despite its state-of-the-art 3D graphics, Rage is really an old-fashioned shooter in the same mold as the now-ancient Doom and Quake. Don’t expect a deep, engaging storyline, but if you enjoy the simple pleasures of big guns and endless fragging then you’ll feel right at home amid Rage’s rubble-strewn landscapes.
MacLife (Apr 09, 2012)
Unfortunately, the Mac version of Rage doesn’t offer multiplayer, but when you’re not gunning down mutants and bandits, Rage does include some noncampaign gameplay. There’s a racetrack in each of the game’s two biggest towns, where you earn tickets to exchange for better car equipment. The races are enjoyable enough, but outside of a few required face-offs to proceed with the story, there’s not much reason to return. The bottom line. Rage won’t capture the hearts of gamers looking for an original, deep experience, but it’s still a decent first-person shooter.