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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, September 1987:

    Nobody's Perfect...

      Game          Winner         Time to Move
      1 SARGON III 5 seconds
      2 SARGON III 5 seconds
      3 SARGON III 15 seconds
      4 SARGON III 15 seconds
      5 SARGON III 30 seconds
      6 Chessmaster 30 seconds
      7 SARGON III 3 min
      8 SARGON III 3 min

    We pitted Sargon III, the world champion, against the challenger. Head to head, with no punches pulled. And believe it or not, the champ lost one game to the challenger. But Sargon III beats Chessmaster 2000 almost everytime.

    Sargon III is the result of more than twenty one man years of development. Sargon III will play at precisely the level of difficulty you desire. Ask Sargon III for a hint, take back a move you've already made, replay a sequence, change sides, or set up your own board for customized learning. Sargon III will let you study in detail more than 100 great games of history or review 45 classic chess problems, all on screen. Sargon III also includes the largest library of opening moves available on any chess program.

    In a tournament sanctioned by the U.S. Chess Federation, Sargon III beat a master rated 2209. That makes Sargon III the only microcomputer program ever to defeat a player at that level.

    Sargon III has no trouble wiping Chessmaster 2000 off the globe. Someday, maybe a chess playing program will be able to beat Sargon III. Until then, which chess program do you want to own: the world champion or the runner-up?

      (Note: The test was run on two Apple II computers. Each program played once as white and once as black at each level. Send us $5.00 for handling, along with a postage paid return envelope and we'll send you a copy of the moves each side played.)

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Oct 14, 2001.