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The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici Credits

38 people (32 developers, 6 thanks)

The original Settlers are:

Project ManagerThomas Häuser
PC ProgrammingThomas Häuser, Peter Ohlmann
GraphicsChristoph Werner, Adam Sprys
Beta TestingAdam Sprys, Thorsten Kneisel, Thomas Friedmann
IntroThorsten Kneisel
Additional GraphicsThorsten Kneisel
MusicHaiko Ruttmann
Sound EffectsHaiko Ruttmann
Additional PC ProgrammingJurie Horneman, Rainer Reber
ManualWolfgang Walk, Gero Randerath, Gerhard W. Köster, TOPDOK
Speec RecordingWolfgang Walk
Best BoyThomas Friedmann
ProducerThomas Hertzler
Layout of ManualMichael Dreher
NarratorsJonathan Failla, Horst Mendroch
Other Beta Testers wereJörg Lewandowski, Bernhard Ewers, Peter Okorn
We would like to thank the following for their moral support and valuable cooperationAndreas Kähmer, Erik Simon, Thorsten Mutschall, Christian Riese, Esther Manga, Barbara West
UK TeamDavid Howe, David Bayliss, Matthew Broughton
US TeamJohn Podlasek, Beth Rodgers, Samantha Hertzler, Paul Bartu

The Macintosh Settlers are: Similis

DevelopmentAlexander B. Christof
ProgrammingAlexander B. Christof
Project CoordinationAlexandra Gerb
GraphicsAlexandra Gerb
SimilisChrista Zillich, Gernot Zillich, Christian Teuscher

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (248015)