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Sid Meier's Civilization Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen
The intro
Intro continued
Intro ends
Choose a level
Ignatius, chieftain of the Germans
You start out in the middle of nowhere with your settlers
Founding the capital
Select a topic to research
Now I can build granaries and hanging gardens
Found a cute little village
The village was inhabited by barbarians!
Meeting with the Zulus
The game is entirely system-friendly
I'll show them
Browsing the Civilop├Ždia
The copy protection is no match for advanced players
The city screen
Berlin builds granary
Sending out a fragile trireme
Panem et circenses
It's a revolution!
Monarchy is better for the growth
She is not in a dealing position
Striking Berliners
Retiring for now