Space Ace Credits

Mac Conversion

Produced byDavid Foster
Directed byTony Bozek
Programming bySimon Lai
Technical Coordination byMike Boulet (and), Torin Marsden
Product ManagerJ. David Elton
Utilities ProgrammingKavita Joshi
Graphics Retrieval and Technical AssistanceJoe Verissimo
Assistant TechnicianDavid Bird, Roman Muldewicz, Pejman Saifi
Background TouchupGlenn Guenette, Shawn Pascuttini
Graphics Touchup and ProcessingMike Abunowara, Gairy Ali, Ian Ball, Jawade Chaudhry, Paul De Leon, John Durno, Cindy Kong, David Magerman, Martina McKenna, Shawn Moore, Andrew Shephard, Jason Silverberg, Eric Soetikno, Nadia Yee, Natasha Yee
Additional ProgrammingAnselm Hook
Public RelationsJune Brown
Materials CoordinatorKelly Bryan
Technical Support and Game TestingSteve Marshall

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Cassidy (20924)