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Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):


    The NOSTRA Corporation is plotting to unleash anarchy and only the SpyHunter can stop it! Strapped behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor, the SpyHunter is in control of the world's most potent vehicle! Utilizing an arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons, you must elude and destroy NOSTRA henchmen, spies and assassins at any cost!
    • G-6155 Interceptor morphs on the fly into a deadly jet-powered speed boat, jet cycle or motorcycle
    • Offensive and defensive weapons including 25mm canon machine guns, Swarmer heat-seeking missiles, electro magnetic pulse cannons, oil slicks and smoke screens
    • Command the G-6155 Interceptor with 800bhp Turbine engine to escape and evade the relentless onslaught of enemy fire
    • 14 intense missions
    • Multi-player action for 2 players

    DVD Features

    • Saliva SpyHunter "Peter Gunn Theme" music video
    • Saliva Your Disease music video
    • Behind-the-Scenes making of SpyHunter
    • Bonus FMV - Music Tracks
    • Developer artwork

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on May 26, 2012.
    PREPARE TO BE HUNTED! The evil Nostra Corporation is preparing to unleash havoc - only you and the G-6155 Interceptor can stop them.SpyHunter is based on the theme of the original classic game. The all-new SpyHunter combines explosive combat, high speed action-racing and stealth/reconnaissance for relentless mission-based game play.

    • G-6155 Interceptor morphs on the fly into a deadly high-velocity speedboat.
    • A turbo jet watercraft or a super-charged motorcycle.
    • Offensive and defensive weapons including 25mm cannon machine guns.
    • Swarmer heat-seeking missiles, smoke screens, oil slicks and rail guns.
    • Command the G-6155 Interceptor with turbine engine (horsepower classified) to escape and evade the relentless onslaught of enemy fire.
    • Battle Nostra agents in Germany, France, the Florida Keys, Panama and the canals of Venice.
    • Multi-player action for two players.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22261) on Oct 07, 2010. – GameCube:

    Don't stop 'til you blow 'em up.

    If you love James Bond's cool car but get bored with all that sneaking around and talking, SpyHunter is the game for you.

    The hackneyed backstory has an evil corporation bent on global domination. Yawn. The real fun begins when you take the wheel of a G-1655 Interceptor for 14 lead-footing missions around the world.

    Options on this factory special include dual machine guns, heat-seeking missiles and the capability to lay down a nasty oil slick. When badly damaged, a G-1655 sheds its exoskeleton and becomes a high-speed motorcycle. When it lands in water, a G-1655 instantly morphs into a juiced-up gunboat. If the boat, in turn, takes enough damage, it will become a personal watercraft on steroids.

    In many ways SpyHunter is the most basic form of video gaming, i.e. drive fast and blow stuff up. It's a formula that worked when SpyHunter entered the arcades at about the same time that Madonna debuted on Top 40 radio. It's a formula that continues to work in today's 3D, 60-frames-per-second world. It's a formula that will probably work when consoles read brainwaves and project holographic images.

    A Kinder, Gentler SpyHunter?

    Developer Point of View has mixed things up by adding peaceable such as avoiding civilian casualties, placing tracking beacons and activating "Satcoms" (i.e., driving through glowing orbs).

    You unlock new missions by meeting a quota for objectives completed ¯- for example, to unlock mission five, you'll have to complete 14 out of 19 total objectives in the previous missions. Two-player missions are unlocked by completing all objectives for that mission in single-player mode.
    You'll get no credit for a mission if you don't complete it in time or if your vehicle is destroyed by enemy fire. Some missions feature checkpoints at which you'll get a brand-new G-1655 from a Knight Rider-esque support truck.

    With muddy palettes and pixilated explosions, SpyHunter is about as visually exciting as a UPS delivery van. Sonically the game is much better, with Saliva's cover of the "Peter Gunn Theme" guaranteed to rock your socks and other foot apparel off.

    The game really shines, though, in its the over-the-top arcade gameplay. It certainly helped that developer Point of View got a hand from Paradigm Entertainment, whose frenetic Beetle Adventure Racing was one of the top N64 racers ¯- and that's saying something, pal.

    Special plaudits are due for the ever-clever AI. Enemy vehicles will slow down, speed up and take evasive action, all the while heaving shells your way. Badly damaged helicopters will try to crash-land right on top of you. Towering gun batteries in towers will rake the road with merciless fire even after you've passed them.

    SpyHunter is in stores now. Two memory blocks are needed to save progress on a Memory Card 59 (not included).

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on Dec 19, 2005.

Press Release - PlayStation 2:
    Remake of Midway's Spy Hunter Explodes Back Onto the Scene Armed and Ready to Save the World New Vehicle And Relentless, Mission-Based Action; Redefine Arcade Classic For PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System

    CHICAGO--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 19, 2001-- Midway Games Inc. (NYSE:MWY), a leading software industry publisher and developer, announced today that the next-generation version of the popular 1980s action-racing game Spy Hunter® is in development for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Spy Hunter is scheduled to ship this Fall.

    Spy Hunter is on a mission to save the world once again in a non-stop, action-intense game of mission-based vehicular espionage with breathtaking full-motion-video cut scenes, where the hunter is also the hunted. Spy Hunter must complete 14 high-adrenaline missions in a variety of exotic worldwide locations in order to defeat the evil multinational corporation, NOSTRA. With next-generation 3D design, incredible high-tech weaponry and a sleek new vehicle -- the G-6155 Interceptor - Spy Hunter must make split-second decisions while engaging in offensive attacks and defensive counter-attacks.

    "The remake of Spy Hunter will take gamers on an explosive thrill ride with fast-paced action and relentless mission-based gameplay," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway. "Based on the arcade classic storyline, Spy Hunter takes all of the original game elements -- villains, supply trucks, theme music -- and combines them with the power of the PlayStation 2 to create pulse-pounding, 3D action."

    The G-6155 Interceptor is the ultimate counterintelligence prototype vehicle with morphing abilities, futuristic weaponry and lightening-fast speed. Depending on the terrain and danger Spy Hunter faces, the Interceptor transforms into a car, boat, jet ski or motorcycle -- making it a true all-terrain vehicle.

    The daring reconnaissance missions lead Spy Hunter around the globe to exotic locations (Panama, Key West, England, Germany, France, Middle East and Venice). Each location is modeled to a high degree of photo-realism and provides recognizable landmarks and scenery to offer compelling visual themes.

    Spy Hunter must always be ready for action as heavily-armed enemy vehicles lurk around every corner ready to strike at the first site of the Interceptor. Weapon trucks appear throughout the game to supply the Interceptor with offensive weapons including machine guns, missiles and lasers, and counter-attack weapons such as oil slicks, smoke screens and cluster mines. Players have no choice other than being totally immersed in the action with the clandestine plot that unfolds throughout the game, revealing who Spy Hunter is and what he is ultimately after.

    Spy Hunter Key Features

    The G-6155 Interceptor, Spy Hunter's new vehicle that transforms into a car, boat, jet ski or motorcycle Explosive weaponry for both offensive attacks, including machine guns, missiles and lasers, and counter-attack weapons such as oil slicks, smoke screens and cluster mines All-new 3D design with photo-realistic levels and recognizable landmarks and scenery 14 in-depth missions encompassing exotic worldwide locations, Panama, Key West, England, Germany, France, Middle East desert and Venice

    Midway Games Inc. is a leading interactive entertainment industry developer, publisher and marketer of software for both the coin-operated and home markets. Midway games are available for play on all major dedicated home game platforms, including the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and PlayStation® game console, Nintendo® 64 and Game Boy® Color, and Sega Dreamcast(TM).

    For more information about Midway Games visit

    Contributed by skl (1137) on Feb 18, 2004.

    Prepare to be both hunter and hunted as you embark on a series of high-octane, action-charged missions against hordes of heavily-armed opponents throughout the world. Equipped with an arsenal of amazing high-tech weapons, you will take control of the G-6155 Interceptor, an incredible prototype vehicle capable of reaching blistering speeds and of morphing into different shapes at your command - from car to speed-boat, to jet ski or motorcycle. With the world on the brink of destruction, it's up to you to save the day.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (622) on Mar 10, 2002.

Back of Box:
    Prepare To Be Hunted

    The evil Nostra Corporation is preparing to unleash havoc on the world, and only the Spyhunter is equipped to stop them. Strapped behind the wheel of the powerful G-6155 Interceptor, the Spyhunter is the world's last chance! Utilizing an incredible arsenal of both offensive and defensive weapons, the Spyhunter must elude Nostra henchmen, spies, and assassins at any cost if civilzation is to be saved!

    • G-6155 Interceptor morphs on the fly into a deadly high velocity speedboat, a turbo jet watercraft, or a supercharged motorcycle.

    • Offensive and defensive weapons including 25mm canon machine guns and Swarmer heat-seeking missiles.
    • Command the G-6155 Interceptor with Turbine engine (horsepower classified) to escape and evade the relentless onslaught of enemy fire.
    • Multiplayer action for 2 players.

    DVD Features:

    • Salva The Spyhunter Theme music video.
    • Salva Your Disease music video.
    • Behnd-the-Scenes making of SpyHunter.
    • Bonus FMV and Music Tracks.
    • Developer artwork.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9543) on Nov 29, 2001.