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Mac Addict (Feb, 2003)
With its well-made environments, rich multiplayer mode, and great graphics, sound, and action, this game is the best Star Wars experience since the original film.
macHOME (2002)
Whether you're a convention-going fan of the Star Wars film series or just a gamer who likes to blow things up, you're going to like Jedi Knight II.
Mac Gamer (Dec 12, 2002)
In short, I wanted to hate this game. The end result, however, is that I have been converted completely. Much to my shame and embarrassment, I have been enraptured by the mysterious power of the Force, my heart has quickened at the ignition of my lightsaber and, most of all, I played this game from beginning to end with bated breath and eager fingers. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast turned me into a believer. I don't know if it's a good thing, but if lovin' Jedi Knight II is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Macworld (Feb 01, 2003)
Jedi Knight II is one of LucasArts' and Aspyr's best games ever. Its Star Wars trappings are icing on the cake.
IGN (Nov 22, 2002)
Not only is this one of the greatest Star Wars games I've ever played, it's one of the best action games period. Get it, Play it, Love it.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Dec 10, 2002)
Overall, JKII is a worthy Star Wars game built on the venerable Quake III engine. Yes, there have been a host of games that used this fantastic engine, yet the popularity of the Star Wars universe lends itself to this game and makes it a game worth playing.
80 (Dec, 2002)
En définitif, au delà des qualités et défauts que l'ont peut attribuer à ce titre, toute la question reste de savoir si l'on s'amuse vraiment ou pas dans Jedi Knight 2. En fait, oui et non. Non car le jeu est d'une linéarité désolante et les niveaux peu originaux. Oui car le sabre et la Force donnent une toute autre dimension à l'ensemble.... quand on sait les maîtriser. C'est de loin ce qui sauve le jeu d'un marasme certain. Les fans de la série risquent de crier au sacrilège, mais il faut bien admettre que sans sa Starwars touch' le jeu ne procurerai certainement pas autant de plaisir. À mettre sous le sapin pour les inconditionnels, les autres auront plus de mal a vraiment accrocher.
AppleLinks.Com (Dec 10, 2002)
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is as fun as I'd hoped it would be. Although it was plenty of the same thing throughout (I still prefer Red Faction for variation in a first-person shooter, although Jedi Outcast does let you control one of those AT-ST things for a while, and that was pretty sweet), the levels were big and fun, and the game remained challenging without becoming impossible; nearly every major enemy had a simple solution for killing it if you could find it.