Starflight Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Interstel Police Warning (don't get caught without the code wheel)
Game Start - Starport
Creating crew members
Crew assignments
Upgrading my ship for its first voyage
Bank for your totals on MU (Monetary Units)
Trading post for selling good and ore
Galactic Map showing stars and nebula
Crew assigned ship ready now go for launch
Leaving Starport
Leaving orbit of Starport
In inter-stellar space between two systems
Entered orbit of planet for review
Sensor scan of planet
Orbiting Class F planet and preparing for landing site
Descent to planet surface
In transport exploring surface for ore and other items. Currently we have lost the ship.... even though it is still in sight below us (doh)!
Liftoff from planet
Back at Starport for cargo transfers and ship upgrades
game menu save