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    It had been thirty years since we first discovered the alien technology. Centered on the Jovian moon Callisto, it fell like mana from heaven. Eagerly, we sought out the alien plans and copied them, revolutionizing intra-solar travel. A new age of prosperity dawned- or so it seemed. Who could have realized what would happen, afterwards?

    Outer colonies formed, commercial stations were built and the solar economy thrived. The United Earth League [UEL] struggled to control its colonies, but ties to Earth became less important. Pirates hidden in the Asteroid Belt attacked more and more and friction between the UEL and the now powerful Mars Consortium hit an all-time high.

    A trigger, a spark, was all that was required to plunge us into bitter war...

    - Miri Kovacs, Solar News Network Anchor, 2197
    An excerpt from her unpublished memoirs

    Contributed by Jack Lightbeard (2707) on Jul 31, 2005.