Theme Park Credits

Designed by Bullfrog Productions

Mac versionAlan Wright
ProducerMark Webley
Mac graphicsMike Man, Findlay McGechie, Andrew Sandham, Tony Dawson
Creators and PC programmingPeter Molyneux, Demis Hassabis
Graphics and art conceptsPaul McLaughlin, Chris Hill, Findlay McGechie, Mike Man
Introductory sequence designed and created byChris Hill
Sound and musicRussell Shaw
ManagementLes Edgar
Testing and QAAlex Trowers, Andrew Cakebread, Nick Hannah

For Electronic Arts

ProducerMatthew Webster
Assistant producerNick Goldsworthy
Executive producerJoss Ellis
Product managerSean Ratcliffe
Lead testerMichael Cooper
TestersMatt Price, Mark Bergan, Darren King, Lawrence Doyle, Graham Harbour, Diarmid Clarke, Bryan C. Beckstrand, Steve Imes, Brian Reed, David Costa
Quality assuranceAlex Camilleri, Peter Murphy, Graham Wood, Richard Gallagher, Raphaël Colantonio, Christophe Carrier, Jörg Rohrer

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Paul McLaughlin, 26 other games
Darren King, 26 other games
Richard Gallagher, 26 other games
Raphaël Colantonio, 24 other games
Les Edgar, 22 other games
Mark Webley, 22 other games
Andrew Cakebread, 21 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (46428)