Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

You can play the game or just explore the ship
Apartment in London - game start
In game help screen
In game menu
Stewart has a message and map of the ship for you
The ship and detail is very large
your cabin and trunk of belongs for the trip
Gramophone with your mission plan
Some type of Enigma Machine for encrypted messages
Outside your cabin on C deck
The grand staircase
One of the many details of the ship
1st class Saloon Dining room
Hallway to 1st class lounge
Many objects can be examined in fine detail
The Lift attendent
D deck cabins
2nd class stairway
The Poop Deck
Many passengers to speak with and gain information
1st Class Promenade
The Gymnasium
Your first mission contact Penny Pringle
You can use the gym gear like the punching bag
Talking to Georgia
Wireless radio room