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Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Main menu
Riding into town with the Prospector.
The Prospector challenges us to some target practice.
Bull's eye. Um.. literally.
He doesn't look too good.
Hey, I'm *trying* to talk to this dying guy!
Really?! Can't you keep it down?
Mad Dog makes an appearance on the horizon.
Shot in his underwear. How undignified.
Attempted ambush from the stairs.
Slow motion exaggerated death scene.
Sassed by the undertaker upon death.

DOS version

Title screen
Pick a character to help you
Shooting Beaver
You save his neck and he will do his best to save yours.
That prospector looks like he met a porcupine with feathers.
Shoot the Indian before he shoots you.
Shoot the desperado that draws on you.
Mad Dog McCree has a bigger gun.
You've only got one life left!

SEGA CD version

You're gonna ride shotgun with this man
Title screen
Main menu
Warming up
I hit the skull
This looks bad
It's the undertaker. Yes I'm dead, again
Let's try again
Game over
You're gonna meet bandits