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Mad Dog McCree Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Sequence
Main Menu
The Mayor's Daughter
The town coot explains the situation
Too much motion equals too much compression
Shooting bottles for practice
'You've only got two lives left...'
'There's more inside the bank!'
'That was an innocent woman you shot!'
'Watch out--it's an ambush!'
Where am I supposed to be shooting?
Got 'im!

SEGA CD version

Even the logo animation is trying to kill you!
Title screen and main menu
Intro movie with bad guys trying to get you left and right
There's a dame in the story, too-- the mayor's daughter, no less
The game has an extensive cast but no spell checker ("you're" vs "your")
Difficulty configuration screen
Practice your shooting on targets that don't shoot back
The old man begs you to help the town...
...and is summarily punished for his defiance of the local outlaws
Scenario selection
Corral shootout
Shootout on the way to the saloon
The Sheriff's office scenario
The bank mission
Bystander at the bank
Get hit and it's off to see the creepy 19th century doctor
Now it's really game over

Windows version

Title Screen #1.
Title Screen #2.
Main Selection Screen.
Difficulty Selection Screen. - Will you be Deputy or Gunslinger?
Main Street of our Western town.
He's a friend giving advice... but is talkin' way too much!
...don't let your friend get shot.
Got him!
Impressive stunt-drop from rooftop.
You're as good as dead, man!
The Maire's daughter... see what I mean? She'd be worth... takin' a chance for.
Stage Selection Screen - shoot at your next destination.
Inside the Corral.
A riot in front of the Saloon.
The barkeeper giving advice...
Meet 'One-Eyed Jack' - he's got the Jail keys you need.
One-Eyed Jack drew faster...
2 men down already - 3 left!
A blonde chick of the Saloon.
You want me, stranger? Here's the keys to my room... meet me there!
The Sheriff's Potemkin office.
Inside the Sheriff's Office.
The Sheriff - in his own jail jelling 'Get me outta here!' ... what a loser!
Lesson #1: How to shoot 3 men with 1 bullet?
... just shoot the sign above their heads.
The 'Territorial Bank' : Entrance cleared.
The cowardly banker... or is it the Deputy? Whatever.
Shootout inside the Bank. Anyone still thinks today's US banks are unsafe?
The Undertaker - The man you'll get to visit most in the game...
This you get to see after shooting innocent villagers...

Official Screenshots

  • Mad Dog McCree Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Mad Dog McCree Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Mad Dog McCree Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Mad Dog McCree Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Mad Dog McCree Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop