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Madō Monogatari I Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
Locked door
Found treasure
Arle's friends
Arle wakes up in a bad mood
In front o the tower
Ready to go!
Starting the game
Komatris, eh? I'll remember this name!
Buying stuff
Magic spell menu
Icy dungeon
Talking to characters
A yellow guy appeared
Dead end!
Hey, PuyoPuyo!
Starting a battle with a sorceress

Genesis version

Cute company logo screen. Puyo Puyo style :-)
Arle approaches a fountain
Title screen. There is no "sub-title": the line below the title simply means "Push the start button"
Arle gets hit on the head
Arle gets hit by a magic spell
Dungeon entrance!
Arle meets an old woman who shouts: "Stoooooooooop"!
Arle looks tired
Arle sees a door
Arle finds a treasure chest
Arle fights a random mean-looking guy

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Arle, the heroine
"Good-bye, Arle!" - shout the schoolmates. - "You'll most probably be killed in this monster-infested tower, but don't worry! We'll give you a proper burial!"
"See you all in hell!" - cries Arle, who was left alone and helpless to fight the evil monsters in the tower
Cute Loading screen with a familiar logo...
Okay, let's explore the tower...
Mysterious inscription...
Ya know, I stopped catching 'em mice. Ain't that profitable no more. Us cats do better business if we open a shop in the middle of a freaky tower, ya know what I mean?
Treasure chest! I'm rich! I can go home!!
Arle encounters an innocent wolf. The wolf attacks her because she invaded his territoty. What would you do in his place?..
The game features extreme graphical violence and sadism. Disrespecting the wolf's culture, Arle slowly fries him
Automap - nice thing!
In front of a locked door
You'll see this animation when Arle bumps into a wall. Cute!
Arle freezes the slime for all eternity