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Madagascar Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Level selection
The first stage of the tutorial, playing Alex the lion
Our first objective is to find the penguins in the trees and talk to them.
Signs explain the controls.
Tutorial: Stage for Marty the zebra
Tutorial: Stage for Melman the giraffe. Melman can stick his head in the ground and cannot be harmed by enemies in this state.
Tutorial: Gloria the hippo can swim
Intro to the first level.
Melman can do sneeze attacks.
Marty got a new game mechanic: crawling
Cut scene: birthday party
Escape from the zoo: Marty must pass the stage without being spotted by the guards.
There are crates of two different shapes to hide in. Whenever Marty hides, the screen zooms out to give a better overview over the guard's area of patrol.