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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Nov, 2002)
Madden NFL 2003 is one of the most thorough and impressive games I have seen in any genre. If you even think you might like to try a football game, I urge you to run out and get a copy. If you’re the type that habitually buys Madden every year, you’re in for a real treat.
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Aug 12, 2002)
John Madden’s moving to Monday Night Football this year. For every other night of the week, you might be playing his football game. Madden football is digging in after weathering a spirited charge from NFL 2K2 and NFL Fever 2002 last year. By upgrading its roster of features, Madden NFL 2003 is looking meaner than ever as the game to beat this season.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Aug 12, 2002)
Even beyond the football gameplay, you have to appreciate the wealth of extras and activities that make Madden NFL 2003 such an entertaining and complete package. Just as in real football, every video game football team has its fans, but there's no arguing that the Madden football franchise is one of the best and it just got better.
GameCubeNintendojo (Sep 20, 2002)
Forget the incumbents, this game dominates like Bonds on steroids. Marshall Faulk is the perfect cover spokesperson for this instalment as he embodies what 2003 is for Madden: steady, reliable, accurate, excellent, abnormally good… need I go on?
GameCubeChrist Centered Game Reviews (Jun 01, 2005)
I'm not a big fan of arm chair fooseball. Yeah, I'll play it, I'll watch a real game, but it's not that big of a thing for me. So, it is truly great praise coming from me when I say that Madden NFL 2003 has outdone itself.
GameCubeGamersMark (Aug 24, 2002)
Enjoy the excitement of the NFL football season in EA’s latest title, Madden NFL 2003. Madden NFL ’03 promises to deliver one of the best gaming experiences in the history of football gaming. And it easily does. The competitive standard for interactive football gaming is back and it’s going to be a very big year for football fans & video gamers everywhere! The Madden series was always built on excellence. And 2003 is no different from the rest.
PlayStation 2GamersMark (Aug 25, 2002)
With tried and true Madden gameplay refined to perfection, Madden is, as always, in a league of its own. There isnt a football game around with as many modes as gameplay as deep. Online play is the main draw, but even without it Maddens wealth of modes and insane attention to detail with stats and presentation would keep gamers playing well into the year 2003. Just in time for EA and Tiburon to blow our socks off again with Madden NFL 2004.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Sep, 2002)
This year’s Madden release is nothing if not excellent. There are so many ways to play this game (franchise, create-a-team, etc.), you’ll have no problem getting your money’s worth within the first couple of weeks you play it. The crowds have received a much-needed facelift, the player models have been tweaked a bit, and the play animations have been revamped to show off this game’s capabilities. Aside from the updated rosters, there are a number of reasons to reinvest in Madden.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (Sep, 2002)
There’s no denying that this is a great pigskin title, no matter what system it’s on. The GameCube version seems to hamper players a little bit just because of the odd configuration of the controller, but everything else is smooth and silky. The graphics might not look as crisp as they do on the Xbox version, but who cares? This is the best football game of the year – go get it.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Aug 15, 2002)
In the end, if you're still stuck on whether to purchase Madden 2003 or NFL 2K3, it's simply a matter of preference. I really liked Madden's simulated football experience and the extensive franchise features. NFL 2K3 posts slightly better graphics and offers a little faster, arcade atmosphere of football. The gameplay of Madden 2003 is what should eventually help you make your decision, and if you love the EA Sports/Tiburon game engine, Madden 2003 is an obvious choice. The game physics are revamped and the overall structure is genuine, offering technical aspects with exciting gameplay. Overall, this is one of the best sports titles to hit your PS2 period; consider yourself lucky if you're a football fan.
WindowsGameSpot (Aug 20, 2002)
The awkward interface and EA Sports' questionable online policies aside, Madden NFL 2003 is a great football game. It's a great way to get warmed up for the real NFL season, which is now just a few short weeks away. The challenging difficulty, numerous modes of play, and availability of Internet opposition means that it should also be a welcome companion as that season plays out over the coming months.
WindowsIGN (Aug 22, 2002)
This is the best football game available for the PC this year. Then again it's the only football game for the PC this year, so that's not saying much. However it's also the best version of Madden ever released, which is saying a lot, and it is probably one of the best PC football games ever released, losing only to the late, great Front Page Sports: Football Pro series from days gone by. There's room for improvement, and we can hope next year's version will be better (assuming we even get a version next year), but all in all, most computer gamers are going to come away with this one feeling satisfied.
PlayStation (Oct 15, 2002)
Es ist kaum zu glauben, aber EA Sports hat es tatsächlich geschafft, die Madden-Serie weiter zu verbessern. Die KI ist fordernder als je zuvor, die Spielmodi bieten sowohl Gelegenheitsspielern als auch Langzeit-Zockern mehr als genug Motivation und Spielraum, die Editoren sind umfangreich, lassen dabei jedoch keine Bedienungswünsche offen und die Animationen sind schlichtweg fantastisch. Langsam fragt man sich aber, was EA in der nächstjährigen Auflage noch verbessern will, denn Madden NFL 2003 ist spielerisch so perfekt, wie man es sich nur wünschen kann. American Football-Fans mit PS2 können blind zugreifen, selbst wenn sie den Vorgänger schon haben und selbst Spieler, die vorher noch nicht viel mit der Sportart am Hut hatten, kommen durch Madden vielleicht auf den Geschmack.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (Aug 19, 2002)
Overall, Madden 2003 is a major step up over last year's game.
XboxGameSpy (Aug 13, 2002)
Madden 2003 is the deepest pro football game available this season, rivaled only in replay value by it’s younger brother, NCAA 2003. Given the play editor, fine improvements to the off-season franchise mode, and gameplay that models the breakneck speed and action of the NFL better than anything we’ve seen before it, Madden 2003 for the Xbox deserves a serious look this season. It doesn’t get much better than this. The only thing we could hope for is online play, exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version this season.
91 (Oct 15, 2002)
Kompliment an EA Sports. Mit dem Madden-Einstand auf der Xbox wird die Messlatte für die kommende Konkurrenz gewaltig nach oben geschraubt: Die KI ist fordernd, motivierende Spielmodi gibt es bis zum Abwinken und als ob das alleine nicht ausreichen würde, wird dank der Editoren die Langlebigkeit des Spiels fast ins Unendliche gesteigert. Da sich auch Grafik und Sound auf einem durchweg überdurchschnittlichen Niveau befinden, gibt es keinen Grund für American Football-Fans, Madden NFL 2003 unbeachtet im Regal stehen zu lassen. Madden ist und bleibt die Nummer 1 - zumindest vorerst. Let the good times roll!
GameCubeArmchair Empire, The (Sep 14, 2002)
Despite the improvements, I’m going to assign Madden 2003 the same score that I gave Madden 2002. The changes are nice, but none of them mark a truly great leap over last year’s game. Additionally, while other games are going online to increase the value of the product (including even Madden 2003 on the PS2), the GameCube edition is, sadly, missing this feature. With online play Madden 2003 would clearly be one of the best games on the GCN, without it, it remains a fine game that will suck up hours of most player’s time.
91 (Oct 15, 2002)
Angesichts der schwachen Konvertierungen, die in den letzen Wochen auf dem GameCube aufgetaucht sind, wird es die Besitzer freuen, dass sich EA für die GameCube-Premiere der Madden-Serie gewaltig ins Zeug gelegt hat. Madden NFL 2003 auf dem Cube ist so gut wie auf jedem anderen System und muss spielerisch in keinem Punkt Einbußen hinnehmen. Das Gameplay ist durchdacht, die Grafik ein Genuss und mit den zahlreichen Spielmodi genügend Futter für lang anhaltenden Spielspaß vorhanden. An die im direkten Vergleich etwas unglückliche Steuerung hat man sich schnell gewöhnt und auch die englischen Kommentare stören nur eingefleischte Englisch-Hasser. Mit Madden NFL 2003 feiert die Kult-Serie einen gelungenen Cube-Einstand und macht schnell klar, wieso die Serie seit Jahren als Referenz bezeichnet wird, die sowohl Anfängern als auch Profis uneingeschränkten Spielspaß bietet. Go get it!
PlayStation 2IGN (Aug 08, 2002)
I was actually surprised at the number of little enhancements Madden NFL 2003 has over its predecessor. It seems that the overall improvement in this game is greater than the sum of its parts. The way that every other game mode is meant to refocus your attention on the sound NFL gameplay adds subtle depth without ever letting us get away from the fact that this franchise is all about one thing: NFL realism. From the television style presentation to the cheerleader show at halftime, the polish and substance of Madden NFL 2003 proves once again why it's the standard by which every other NBA, NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball game by every company (including EA) want to live up to.
XboxGame Vortex (Nov, 2002)
Before this year's football games were released, Madden 2003 was expected to be one of the favorites for the "Football Game of the Year." After playing it, I'd say it has a very good chance.
XboxGame Chronicles (Jul 10, 2003)
The level of polish in Madden NFL 2003 puts the competition to shame. The few issues that pop up are crushed underfoot by the staggering quality of the game's depth and production values. The most apparent problem - the commentary - can be addressed simply by disabling it. You won't find a more authentic portrait of the gridiron war waged on Fall Sundays, and that's what counts most. Put your jersey on, lace up your spikes, and get your uniform dirty with Madden NFL 2003.
XboxThunderbolt Games (Jul 24, 2003)
So now we come down to the million dollar question: is Madden NFL 2003 worth you hard-earned cash if you already have last year's version? In my opinion, yes. Besides the obvious roster updates, you have the enhanced AI, new game modes (Madden 101, Minicamp, etc) and compatibility with NCAA Football 2003 - all features that make this too good a football simulation to pass up. The fine folks at Tiburon have brought Madden one step closer to gridiron perfection and all pigskin fans would do well to snatch it up immediately.
GameCubeGamers' Temple, The (Sep 20, 2002)
The game's graphics are quite good, with numerous and smooth player animations. The player faces are expressive, and you can see their eyes move as they look around. The helmets are a little too reflective, with even white helmets reflecting the surrounding stadium. Also, the players' faces look realistic, but they don't look all that much like the player's themselves.
WindowsGameplanet (Aug 28, 2002)
We haven't had our socks knocked off by a PC sports title for quite some time, but Madden 2003 has succeeded in doing just that. It really is a fantastic football game and is a worthwhile purchase for anyone with a remote interest in the sport.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Aug 17, 2002)
In its 13th year, Madden NFL™ Football is the undisputed leader in authentic NFL football simulation. Its combination of jaw-dropping graphics and animations, realistic player AI, in-depth play modes, and the most innovative features is beyond comparison. With a primary focus on in-game graphics and game play, this is the best looking, sounding and playing football game ever. This season Madden NFL Football continues to establish why it is the definitive interactive football experience.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Aug 13, 2002)
Madden 2003 for the PlayStation 2 has online play, a robust franchise mode, and plenty of secondary modes to keep you busy, but the minor issues with the running and passing game really prevent it from being the absolute best representation of professional football that's available. Fans of previous Madden games will definitely enjoy it, and any other football fans should certainly give it a look.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct 25, 2002)
Wenn Sie nicht wissen, was ein Audible, ein Fumble oder eine Linebacker ist, dann werden Sie dumm sterben - jedenfalls, wenn es nach Madden 2003 geht. Wer die komplizierten Regeln des American Football nicht kennt, den lässt EA Sports im Regen stehen. Football-Kenner bekommen hingegen die beste Simulation Ihrer Lieblingssportart. Wie gewohnt stehen alle aktuellen NFL-Teams mit den echten Spielern zur Auswahl, im Liga-Modus darf auf der Jagd nach dem Superbowl eifrig gehandelt und eingekauft werden.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Oct 07, 2002)
All in all, Madden 2003 is the best football game that I’ve ever played, and is highly recommended for both the casual and hard-core football fans.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Nov, 2002)
(PAL version)
EA Sports geht hier mit der Zeit. Wer sich also einmal ernsthaft mit dieser Sportart und all ihren Möglichkeiten spielerisch auseinander setzen möchte, dem sei zu Madden NFL 2003 geraten. Ein besseres Footballspiel ist in Europa zurzeit nicht auf dem Markt. Doch Vorsicht! Das Spiel ist nur komplett in Englisch erhältlich.
89 (Oct 22, 2002)
Madden NFL 2003 ist eine hervorragende Sportsimulation. Mit frischem Gameplay, der sehr gelungenen Präsentation der Spiele und dem wesentlich verbesserten Onlinemodus, sollte Madden 2003 im Regal jedes Football-Fans stehen. Doch auch unerfahrene Footballinteressierte können Dank umfangreicher Trainingsmöglichkeiten nun beruhigt zugreifen. Im Gegensatz zum ebenfalls sehr gelungenem NHL 2003 wirkt Madden NFL 2003 realistischer, etwas ausgereifter und ist umfangreicher als die actionlastige Eishockeysimulation. Ich gebe es zu, ich werde immer eher ein NHL und FIFA-Spieler bleiben, doch die Madden-Serie begeistert mich mit jeder neuen Ausgabe ein wenig mehr. Ich glaube, ich habe mich mit dem Football-Fieber angesteckt
XboxIGN (Aug 08, 2002)
I can honestly say that there could very well be football games that are more fun than Madden, but you won't find one that has more authenticity from top to bottom. Madden NFL 2003 is a can't miss because it accurately simulates NFL gameplay, NFL commentary, NFL uniforms, NFL stadiums and NFL players and that's what football gamers are looking for. If you hate football, then steer clear of this one. Everybody else, dust off those Hank Williams records and get rowdy like it's Monday Night every night.
XboxArmchair Empire, The (Sep 15, 2002)
For the second year in a row, the Madden franchise proves it’s worthy of the praise from critics and fans alike. This is the complete package for realistic simulation football video game players that also spend their time managing a fantasy football league team. With NFL 2K3 giving it strong competition, Madden 2003 isn’t the unanimously best Xbox football game on the virtual field. But you sure won’t be disappointed if you choose Madden 2003 over Sega’s equally excellent pro football title, especially if extensively tooling around with the game’s unbelievable amount of extras and features is a big draw for you.
GameCubeIGN (Aug 08, 2002)
After 13 years and tens of millions of copies sold, the best way to begin reviewing the latest edition of EA's Madden NFL franchise, Madden NFL 2003, is to examine the new stuff. You already know it's the standard for licensed big league sports games in general and football in particular. But since they want another $50 out of each and every member of the game buying public this fall, EA has gone to great lengths to offer up more customization options than ever before and new game modes designed to enhance your enjoyment of the rock solid football engine.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2002)
Football-Fans lassen für die Madden-Serie seit Jahren selbst Fifa in der Kabine – endlich können auch Fußballverrückte wie ich das nachvollziehen. Die genialen Trainingscamps vermitteln mit viel Spaß die unzähligen Geheimnisse des amerikanischen Volkssports. Mittlerweile bin ich auf einen 60-Yard-Touchdown-Pass genauso stolz wie auf einen gelungenen Fallrückzieher. Sportspiel-Experten müssen zugreifen.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Sep, 2002)
Was soll man zu Madden-Football noch groß sagen? Es ist gewissermaßen das Tetris der Football-Spiele. Gut, auf dem Spielfeld lösen sich die Defensive Lines nicht auf, wenn sie eine Reihe bilden und die Akteure können sich in mehr als vier Richtungen drehen, dennoch wird jeder, der sich im amerikanischen Sportspielgenre bewegt, etwas mit dem Namen anzufangen wissen. Gameplaymäßig ist Madden NFL 2003 wie üblich nahe an der Perfektion, trotzdem wurden einige Feinschliffe an den passenden Punkten angebracht. Die bedeuten jedoch sehr viel eher einen erhöhten Bedienungskomfort als eine wirkliche Veränderung der Spielmechanik.
86 (Oct 28, 2002)
Neben den herausragenden Konsolen-Fassungen wirkt die PC-Version von Madden NFL 2003 ein wenig fade, was vor allem die Einzelspieler betrifft. Weniger Spielmodi und vor allem der Verlust der Madden-Karten nimmt für Einzelspieler ein wenig der Motivation, die einzig von dem sehr guten Franchise-Modus aufrechterhalten wird, der allerdings durch den fehlenden Spielzug-Editor wieder gemindert wird. Dabei stimmt eigentlich das Umfeld: technisch auf der Höhe der Zeit, eine hervorragende KI und unabhängig von der gewählten Steuerungsart bietet Madden immer die perfekte Kontrolle. Doch unter dem Strich ist die Fassung dieses Jahres nur ein laues Grafik- und Roster-Update. Glücklicherweise hat EA beim motivierenden Online-Modus mit den Tokens nicht geschlampt und entschädigt die Mehrspieler-Fans mit einem neuen innovativen System. Dass man allerdings nur 60 Tage kostenlos spielen kann, dämpft die Euphorie ein wenig.
XboxGameSpot (Aug 13, 2002)
Madden NFL 2003's abundance of modes and the amount of detail in them are sure to keep you busy for quite some time. But the few minor issues in the gameplay and the fact that it has the same general look as last year's game really prevent it from taking the crown in this year's football race, though it's still certainly one of the best football games out there.
WindowsPelit (Nov, 2002)
Urheilupelejä on tapana pelata porukalla, mutta kovemmilla vaikeustasoilla haasteellinen Madden viihdyttää tekoälyäkin vastaan. Kiitos kuuluu enemmänkin lajille kuin tekijöille, sillä jenkkifutis perustuu koko joukkueen valmiiksi sovittuihin kuvioihin eikä yksittäisten miesten oivalluksiin. Hyvän pelikirjan suunnittelemalla myös tekoälyn voi opettaa pelaamaan uskottavasti.
WindowsGameSpy (Sep 15, 2002)
When all is said and done, there's really not much to dislike about Madden NFL 2003. Aside from the sluggish PC controls and some meaty hardware requirements, there's no longer a huge gap between the PC and the console versions, and there simply aren't any other NFL games for the PC … period. The basic game has only been given a few upgrades, but if you haven't picked up Madden in a few years, the extras such as online play and mini-camp make this a great year to get back in the action.
GameCubeGameSpot (Aug 19, 2002)
There's a lot to like about Madden 2003. You'll undoubtedly enjoy the numerous modes it has to offer, and enough adjustments and changes have been made to the commentary and the gameplay to warrant a purchase even if you have last year's game. Unfortunately, the few small problems its gameplay does have really prevent from it being the top football game on the GameCube.
PlayStation (Oct 07, 2002)
Toujours au top, la série Madden NFL fait une excellente prestation sur PS2 pour une édition 2003 encore plus complète que les précédentes. Si les innovations ne justifient peut-être pas l'achat pour ceux qui possèdent déjà la version 2002, ils constituent tout de même un sérieux argument pour tous les autres qui pourront facilement foncer les yeux fermés s'ils veulent du vrai et du bon foot US sur leur console.
85 (Oct 09, 2002)
Toujours au top, la série Madden NFL fait une excellente prestation sur GameCube pour une édition 2003 encore plus complète que les précédentes. Si les innovations ne justifient peut-être pas l'achat pour ceux qui possèdent déjà la version 2002, ils constituent tout de même un sérieux argument pour tous les autres qui pourront facilement foncer les yeux fermés s'ils veulent du vrai et du bon foot US sur leur console.
85 (Oct 02, 2002)
Toujours au top, la série Madden NFL fait une excellente prestation sur Xbox pour une édition 2003 encore plus complète que les précédentes. Si les innovations ne justifient peut-être pas l'achat pour ceux qui possèdent déjà la version 2002, ils constituent tout de même un sérieux argument pour tous les autres qui pourront facilement foncer les yeux fermés s'ils veulent du vrai et du bon foot US sur leur console.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine (Dec, 2002)
La référence absolue du genre. Magnifique, plus accessible qu'avant, passionnant seul ou à deux, et doté d'une énorme durée de vie.
XboxPAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Feb 24, 2003)
Madden still seems to be as strong as ever, though it still repeats the same mistakes that have plagued the latest entries to the series, those being the lack of pass defence AI and the lack of an effective running game. The game features enough content to hold Madden fans over to the next entry in the series, though casual fans may even be able to live off this entry for a little longer than a year.
XboxZTGameDomain (2003)
Not everything about Madden makes me want to bitch, like I said the franchise is still as deep as ever. The graphics are solid, albeit the same as last year's, and the game play is as smooth as ever. Madden does the same thing it does every year, make it's fans happy. Adding a little here and even less here is enough for the Madden-ites, but I myself want something more. Call me greedy but for 50 dollars I don't yesterday's re-heated Chef Boyardee, I want a manly, freshly made steak with lots of potatoes. Perhaps they will re-work next year's game to stay in competition. I doubt it unfortunately the Madden fans are easy to please, re-hash it again next year guys and keep raking in the dough! EA stays the same!
80 (Nov 15, 2003)
If you’re a fan of NFL (if you’re not, why are you reading this?) this is a must-have game. With much improvements made by EA, you can only benefit from this game. If you’ve never been a fan of Madden, now has never been a better time. With all the features, lovely graphics, and in-depth gameplay, Madden is a game you should hop into. Next year can only become better. Plus, there is no longer any SEGA sports titles for the GameCube. Madden definitely is the NFL choice.
GameCubeCubed3 (Oct 04, 2003)
Madden 2003 is a great game. Yes its by EA, and it will be updated in November, but this really is a great game, that fans of the sport will love, and gamers will love to. If you hate the sport, don't bother getting the game, but at least give it a rent, as this really is a great game. Its so deep that when 2004 comes around you will still be playing this game. It has so many little details to keep you coming back for ages. Its not perfect, but its damn well close. This is one of the best sports series gaming has had, and the 2003 entry goes down as the best yet. If your only curious about the game, rent it, you wont regret it, the game really has so much to keep everybody happy. There are so many modes, and so much to find, that when you put the game into your cube, you will have only scratched the surface. The game only really lets down on defense and sound, though neither are at all bad.
80 (Oct 02, 2002)
Une fois encore la série de Madden NFL semble reine en matière de simulation de Football Américain. Le public exigent de connaisseurs devrait y trouver son compte avec une nouvelle édition qui apporte quelques nouveautés intéressantes que ce soit au niveau des graphismes, des modes de jeu ou du gameplay.
GameCubeFactornews (Oct 26, 2002)
Madden atteint une perfection rare dans la simulation de sport. Restent les règles complexes et un jeu volontairement haché qui entrelace action et stratégie. Un jeu malheureusement réservé aux fans de Football Américain malgré les efforts fait pour éduquer le joueur.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Aug 13, 2002)
Madden NFL 2003 was quite a mixed bag for me this year, as not only did EA’s arrogance come into play, but they just tried to hard and pretty much failed in my eyes. Of course this is coming from a non-sports gamer, but even though I don’t really like sports games...this year’s Madden was a let-down as it’s basically an expansion of last year’s Madden with updated rosters, better graphics, and the online capability. So for this year’s “football war”, I’d have to say to go with NFL 2k3 as Sega has yet to disappoint me and I’m sure all of you will appreciate it also.
WindowsFiringSquad (Oct 02, 2002)
As far as football games on the PC go, Madden would score a good 83 or so. But the fact is, we gamers have limited budgets and they are stretched over multiple platforms. If you have an Xbox or PlayStation 2, those are by far the better platforms for Madden 2003. GameCube owners might as well not bother with any sports title. The ridiculously small memory cards that Nintendo has seen fit to include with the GC can barely store a season or a roster on one card. That means a minimum of two cards with custom rosters and a saved season. So unless you have no up-to-date console or have only a GameCube, there’s no point in buying Madden 2003 on the PC.
WindowsPC Gamer (Nov, 2002)
Last year’s Madden was a real dog. The passing game was completely, utterly unbalanced, online play was a joke, the commentary was nap-inducing, and the entire product lacked polish. Thankfully, this year’s version addresses a lot of those problems — but it still feels like PC gamers are getting short-changed, especially since the multiplayer game is still so weak.
PlayStation 2PGNx Media (Sep 13, 2002)
The game is fresh of the new ideas, making it a prime choice for the multiple canidates this year, with all that competition. I give it a 5 out of 5, the main glitch I saw, or heard for that matter is the sound. Those announcer comments can be too repetitive, which wasn't improved yet again, this time around. But other than that, it was a great game, no doubt about that.