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Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
Opening level
Taking cover.
The cutscenes seem to have been pre-made using the game engine so as to not look too different from what you end up playing.
Joey Verola, the anti-hero of this story arrives at a North Carolina diner.
Things go downhill pretty quickly for Joey. This intro level serves mostly as a brief tutorial.
Joey, hiding behind a wall, pops up to pop that guy in the face.
Shooting him when he's down.
These guys are innocent by-standers. Your actions against these npc's have no effect on the outcome of the game.
You can sneak up behind your enemies for a stealthy kill.
Health packs are placed in random places and look like briefcases.
Popping out from the corner of a wall to get that guy.
Performing a "Retort-Kill" where you give a one-liner before executing the wounded enemy. If you ignore them long enough though they'll die on their own.
The "Kill-Rush" mode slows down time and allows you to be more accurate and impressive in your slaying.
Heading to the swamp via car dump.
These inserts appear to inform you of things you may want to pick up or of approaching enemies. More often then not it just confuses and disorients you.
Taking aim with the sniper rifle.
What a perfect place to be in. A hunting shop.
Various objects will explode if shot.
Underneath this once upstanding water tower was a propane tank that I shot.
Flashback to Vietnam.
The rain and foliage obscure your vision of enemies.
Gator's in the swamp are hard to spot. Tread carefully.
Be careful when hiding and shooting near cars. Enough shots and they'll explode.
We arrive at the scene which plays out in the main menu screen.
Joey leads the gang in this takedown.
Busting up a porn press.
That's one dirty mess in that stall.
The Feds have staked out this "motel".
Inside a prostitute's room. Note the pink vibrator on the dresser.
Shoot-out in the kitchen.
This Chinese restaurant is actually the base of operations for the Triad.
Robbing the NY Arena. Loosely based on Madison Square Garden.
Things don't go down exactly as you planned. Time to run to the next cash office.
In one of the coolest levels in any shooter game you chase the catwalks of this rig while a concert takes place underneath.
Nevermind, I'll just have the fish.
Explosions catch your enemies on fire.
These samurai alternate between machine-pistols and katanas.
Destroying priceless antiques to piss off Jade the Triad boss.
Using a mounted gun to make a point.
There's actually a rule that says you can't have a mob game without a scene that takes place at the docks.
Inside the warehouses Joey will come face to face with his destiny.