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The Magic School Bus Explores Bugs Screenshots

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Windows version

In the classroom the kids show off their terrariums and reports.
These reports have all kinds of interesting information.
With their big eyes, wasps can see all colors except green and red.
This orchid mantis is very well concealed.
Pet-owner's bane - the flea, with his long jumping legs
Hard to believe such beauty began life as a caterpillar.
In the bus: there are four mystery bugs to be captured on this trip.
Insect life in the meadow
In this puzzle, click the "honeycomb" cells until the piece fits the picture.
Bugs in a pond habitat
An art page - place stickers on a scene, make them bigger/smaller, and print
The forest habitat, full of bugs
Which insect can jump the highest?
Bugs in a jungle
This ant must navigate through the maze to the queen, bringing food.
Four missing bugs found!
The back of the bus is full of activities.
Pair up your choice of creatures and watch them duke it out!
Play mini-games here, or select the...
...morphing machine!
This jukebox plays only bug-related songs.