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Magic School Bus in Concert Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro - The Magic Bus lets out a whoop on the way to the concert stage
Title screen
Personalize your stage pass with a "photo"
Miss Frizzle suggests a look around the bus
Haven't we all wondered how an elephant would sound in a bathroom?
In this acoustic puzzle, the pieces have sounds and must be put in the right order to hear the sound properly
The sound equivalent of a drawing page - place sound images in the empty trays...
...and push the button to hear the "music"
A choice of games to test aural knowledge
Listen to the sound and decide what made it
Miss Frizzle explains how we hear
All set up on the concert stage
The explosion of the island of Krakatoa was so loud it was heard nearly 3000 miles away!
An audio pattern following game - repeat sounds in the same order
Move this opera singer back and forth and fire sound waves to shatter glasses
These goggles show a visual representation of the sounds each instrument makes