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Tetris allein ist schon genial, die vielen gelungenen Zusatzoptionen sind da nur noch der Zuckerguß auf dem Kuchen...
Video Games (May, 2000)
Batterie-gestützter Speicher, Linkkabel-Unterstützung, Hilfsmarkierungen als Spielfeldhintergrund, durchdachte, blitzschnell ansprechende Steuerung, glasklare Grafik - nicht nur Tetris-Veteranen werden dieses Schmuckstück in die Arme schließen.
IGN (Feb 28, 2000)
This is the Tetris game to own folks, even if you don't like the cutsy Disney characters. There's a ton of variety in this little Game Boy cartridge. The graphics are excellent, the music is catchy, and the control is right's a perfect Tetris game. And since Tetris is one of the greatest videogames ever created, Magical Tetris Challenge well deserves a perfect 10.
GameSpot (Mar 14, 2000)
Not only has Capcom driven home a gameplay treat with MTC, but the visuals and audio have also come along for the ride. Graphically, the Tetris pieces are easy to see, background graphics are nondistracting, and the Disney characters are all nicely drawn and animated. Imagine Tetris DX with cute Disney artwork, and you have a pretty fair idea of this game's visuals. Supporting this graphical deluge, the music and sound effects further add to MTC's delightfulness. In-game tunes are catchy and upbeat, while the sound effects do their job without distracting the player. Overall, Magical Tetris Challenge is a winner of a game. Solid gameplay, excellent graphics, quality sound, support for two players, and the quest mode all combine for replay value that's out of this world.
En plus de tout cela, un ultime mode Quest est également accessible où l’on affronte de nombreux personnages tirés de l’univers de Walt Disney afin de leur soutirer quelques monnaies sonnantes et trébuchantes. Mais il ne faut pas rêver, s’il s’agit bien d’une partie d’aventure, le côté RPG reste embryonnaire. Quel que soit le personnage sélectionné, l’histoire reste identique et l’action devient rapidement répétitive. Dans l’ensemble, la cartouche dispose d’une durée de vie considérable et Tetris ne faillit pas à sa réputation de drogue dure ! Les graphismes sont particulièrement léchés pour un jeu de réflexion et la musique est entraînante. Enfin, la cartouche dispose d’une fonction de sauvegarde, ce qui est la moindre des choses pour enregistrer ses high scores.
This is a fun, simple and addictive title that has players controlling Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy as they adventure through the land challenging other players in Tetris battles. In the Quest mode, the Tetris games include the standard head-to-head mode, but others are trickier puzzles that require forethought and quick reflexes to solve. Each of the characters has a little ministory in the Quest mode, but if you're looking for some quick Tetris action, you can just play it without having to hunt down magical coins. The game has seven different intriguing versions of Tetris -- Magical, Up-Down, Towering, Harmony, Task, Signal and Fill-the-Gap. While the Tetris modes are pretty standard, putting them in a single-player Quest mode adds new life to one of the most addictive games ever created, and the addition of two-player modes via a Game Link Cable certainly doesn't hurt. If you're a Tetris lover, this is definitely a title to pick up.