Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Nihon Bussan (Nichibutsu) logo
Title screen
Intro: the hero
Opening the door...
Talking to Vanilla
Let's mahjong!
Carrots & bunnies...
Round is over...
Battle mode
Yes, I'll hit the SPEACE key :)
Changing rules
I like her better than Vanilla. I wanted to call her Strawberry, but actually she's Cherry :)

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The silly-looking hero :)
The mysterious magical portal is a... Nichibutsu logo! :)
Where... am... I?..
...who the hell cares where, as long as I can PARTY!..
I don't play such games to see bunny OLD MEN
Story mode
Getting started
Tournament mode
The bunny opens the game :)
Opponents react to what is happening in the game
Wild forest dweller
Versus mode. Choosing your opponent
You can move the screen around. I don't know what for, though
She looks proud, but check out your tiles!
She still won, somehow...
She looks... horny :)