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PC-98 version

Title screen
Our heroine is studying
Talking to a friend
Fan of Batman?..
Japan: where sex and cute toys co-exist
Starting location
Camp screen
"Bumping" animation :)
Fighting a male student
Fighting a female student
You are grounded! Get it? Hehehe...
Cave dungeon
Fighting a snake
More animals attack...
Weird bugs attack. Choosing an item
School dungeon
Cut scene
Oh wow!!..
Boss battle: police!
Cat ears meets a real cat! :)
S&M, much? Choosing your technique
Ouch. More M than S now, right? Hehehe...
Doctor, do you think I have a problem?..
...Well, don't know about myself, but YOU sure do now, don't you? Hehehehe!..
Back-to-back, we are fighting!..
...and on the back, you are lying, bare breasts exposed...