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A serious look into hero-based economy Windows Alex Z (1852)
A Simple, Fun Game Windows AstroNerdBoy (40)
A charming game. Windows Jeff Watts (21)
A newbie strategy effort: Not recommended for veteran strategists Windows Indra was here (20902)

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MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 04, 2001)
Being a Mac gamer can be a mixed bag. We lost 3dFx, but ATI gave us RADEON, and nVidia is lurking about to fill the InTeRcApPiNg video card niche. We didn't get two button mice as a standard, but the hockey puck is gone. We didn't get Half-Life, but we didn't have to have Daikatana, either. Will we ever get truly concurrent releases? I don't know. But if they keep making games like Majesty, I'm willing to wait.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 05, 2001)
MacPlay has done the Mac Gaming Community a great service by bringing Majesty over from the PC side for us all to enjoy. They brought a game full of great graphics, wonderful gameplay and a Sean Connery-style voiceover that completes the audio-visual component. The gameplay is fantastic, especially over the Network. The detailed interactions between characters and rulers are truly enjoyable, and the complexity that exists in Ardania is fantastic. It provides hours upon hours of fun, so go out and enjoy. And I'll see you on GameRanger, I'll be the guy with the Temples to Fervus and Wizards running willy-nilly all over the place.
MacintoshIGN (Jun 10, 2002)
I played through the game in a single weekend, not because it was short, but because it was so much fun I didn't want to stop. Majesty is definitely a break from the same old same old that we often get on the Mac and it makes for a great diversion. If you enjoy strategy games at all, Majesty is a winner.
WindowsGame Over Online (Mar, 2000)
Though I must say that not every person out there will like it, as some might find it too repetitive for their tastes, or perhaps have an unnatural hatred for mediocre graphics in a game, this is still a must for any god-sim and RTS fan out there. Way to go Cyberlore Studios, may you revel in fame and fortune for a while and live on to hopefully produce a Majesty 2.
WindowsPower Play (Mar, 2000)
Vor rund fünf Jahren zog mich Warcraft II spielerisch in seinen Bann. Das leichte und unkomplizierte Majesty kann dieses Kunststück problemlos wiederholen, wenn es sich auch nicht als ganz so zeitraubend und unerschöpflich präsentiert. Schließlich fehlen diverse Kampagnen und ein Level-Editor, um das königliche Spiel fett zu machen. Wer mit Ehrgeiz die 20 Kleinabenteuer besteht, kann sich noch einige Zeit mit „Freies Spiel“ und den Multiplayer-Modi — genügend andere Majesty-Fans vorausgesetzt — verlustieren. Aber dann dürfte das Königsfieber so langsam wieder abflauen. Ich empfinde dieses Spiel wie eine Sommerromanze: reizvoll, unbeschwert, vergnüglich. aber nur von kurzer Dauer. Schön war's. So schön immerhin, daß ich mich schon auf Majesty 2 freue — dann hoffentlich auch mit prächtigerer Grafik und einem Editor.
WindowsGameSpot (Mar 28, 2000)
Majesty is one of the rare games that you won't want to stop playing until you find out what happens next. Your heroes can die quickly, but you'll find yourself cheering for some of them and delightedly watching them grow into increasingly powerful characters. There's frequently so much going on in Majesty that it's too hard to keep track of everything, and the action happens so quickly that you'll hardly have any time to watch the enjoyable graphics and animations. While some elements of the game's interface are a bit clumsy, Majesty is truly excellent overall because of its simple but immensely effective system for getting your heroes to do their jobs. Majesty is original, fun, and challenging, and it's a winning combination of real-time strategy and role-playing elements.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Apr 09, 2000)
В Cyberlore велосипед никто не изобретал и даже не пытался, там просто сгребли в одну кучу все удачные жанровые находки последних лет. В этом-то, собственно, и заключается гениальная изюминка этой Игры. Как следствие, «Наш выбор». Желающие поспорить — пишите. А у меня электричка уходит.
WindowsIGN (Apr 04, 2000)
Magic can play as large of a role in the game as the player feels comfortable with. While I personally favor good old-fashioned sinew and bone hacking and slashing with my heroes, with a working mage tower or temple, realm-wide spells can be cast. The power and complexity of the spell is dictated by the upgrade level of the mage guild or temple, and if the creature is in range of your spells. Spells are cast with a cost in money, not mana. Rarely will you find a kingdom with enough resources to research both powerful spells and have a formidable fighting force.
WindowsGameSpy (Apr 17, 2000)
Maybe it's not a game for hardcore strategy buffs ... but everyone else will probably love the gameplay, especially the single player. Casual gamers will love this. A new hybrid of strategy/simulation/and RPG, and a refreshing change of pace -- worth a look!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 2000)
There is room for improvement, however. There’s usually an early-to-midgame challenge thrown at you. Once you get over this hump, winning is often a foregone conclusion. The game could use an interface tweak or two, also, such as allowing you to adjust the speed of gameplay via the keyboard rather than to drill down through the options menu. Finally, the game cries out for a sandbox mode to allow you to build at your leisure, and to then trigger waves of attackers to test your kingdom’s defenses and heroes. But these arc minor quibbles. As a whole, MAJESTY is a fascinating and fun romp that’s stuffed full of originality. If I could plant a gamer incentive hag on the store shelves, I would plant it right here.
WindowsGamerDad (Nov 08, 2003)
This "Sim-Kingdom" game is a combination of the two types of games, but most of all, the game is UNIQUE. If you are a micro-manager, it may bother you a little, but I think there's enough there to even appeal to the micro-manager types. The premise is that you are a king and you build your kingdom up from scratch in almost every scenario. You build buildings. They do one of two things. The buildings in turn construct heroes, or they provide some sort of benefit to you or your heroes. The game is based around these heroes, and they DON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL THEM! They do whatever they feel like doing at the time. True, you can "persuade" them to attack the enemy fortress or defend the town by placing a cash bounty for the deed, but if they don't feel like it, they still won't do it. That is the best part and the worst part of the game.
MacintoshMacNN (Dec 21, 2000)
Majesty doesn't follow the typical WarCraft or Command & Conquer style of gameplay that real-time strategy games are best known for—which may be a let down for fans of such titles—but succeeds with its own approach, and may very well pave the path for a new style of games.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Apr, 2000)
Een uiterst diepgaande game met een typische fantasy sfeer. Majesty zal meer aanspreken bij Sim-liefhebbers dan echt hardcore RTS gamers, maar toch moet gezegd worden dat dit een fris en origineel spel is.
80 (Apr 13, 2000)
Bref, pour en terminer, on peut dire de Majesty qu’il est un jeu complet, aux multiples facettes, très riche car très dense en unités, bâtiments et autres… De plus la technique, sans être miraculeuse, est tout de même très bonne, vraiment soignée et le moteur de la simulation semble très performant. Majesty plaira aussi bien aux pros de la stratégie qu’aux nouveaux venus.
Majesty earns 4 GiN Gems for its treasure trove, with one Gem off for reliance exclusively on smaller maps and slowdowns late in the game. But this is one of the most advanced RTS games we have ever seen, and the intensive AI comes with some tradeoffs. Still, any RTS fan will find themselves quickly hooked on this new way to play war games, where the player is both powerful and powerless at the same time.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark) (2000)
Majesty er et rigtig godt spil: Fængslende, underholdende og med et stort identifikationselement - men det kunne have væet endnu bedre, hvis Cyberlore for alvor havde indset dets potentiale.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Eigentlich seltsam: Ein Strategiespiel, das einem alle Handlungsoptionen aus der Hand nimmt, die für das Genre typisch sind - und trotzdem fesselnd ist! Das ruhige Gameplay dürfte vor allem diejenigen ansprechen, denen Aqe of Empires und Co. zu hektisch waren. Kenner werden wegen der gemächlich ablaufenden Missionen und des moderaten Schwierigkeitsgrades schnell gelangweilt sein.
WindowsJoystick (French) (May, 2000)
Majesty est un jeu simple comme bonjour, aussi poli et mesuré que la sucrette qu'on met dans son café. Ce n'est pas l'extase en matière de gameplay, mais on y joue si tranquillement qu'il en devient agréable. On est proche du jeu apéritif qu'on se tape à une main en bouffant des chips de l'autre, sans jamais se lasser.
78 (2000)
Alles in allem ist Majesty für mich ein gelungener Versuch, aus den gängigen Bahnen der Echtzeit-Taktik auszubrechen. Dass ich dennoch nicht in Euphorie ausbreche, liegt einfach an den erwähnten Schwächen. Dabei ist es schwer zu sagen, ob es hier nur an der Umsetzung hapert oder ob das Konzept einfach nicht ganz aufgeht. Hinzu kommt die schlichtweg ungenügende Grafik - mit so etwas geht ein Spiel von heute einfach nicht aus dem Haus. Wem das C&C-3-Geklicke zu hektisch ist, sollte aber auf jeden Fall mal ein Auge auf Majesty werfen. Aber hinterher wieder mitnehmen.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2000)
Wanneer je Majesty meer beschouwt als een simulatie dan een echt strategiespel, kan je er nog best plezier aan beleven, maar al jullie machtsgeile strategen zullen je gading elders moeten vinden.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Eines gleich vorweg: Wenn Sie nichts gern dem Zufall überlassen, sondern am liebsten jede Einheit pixelgenau postieren, werden Sie an Majesty keine Freude haben. Die indirekte Steuerung (Helden bewegen sich automatisch) ist nicht jedermanns Sache. Mir hat Majesty dennoch viel Spaß gemacht: Der Mix aus Häuschen bauen, Helden anheuern und Zaubersprüche erforschen fesselte mich länger vor den Bildschirm, als ich etwartet hatte. Das liegt nicht zuletzt an dem "Eine Karte löse ich noch"-Syndrom. Leider hat man viel zu schnell alle Levels geschafft, und im freien Spiel wird Majesty bald langweilig. Bis dahin habe ich mich gut unterhalten; Microprose sollte möglichst schnell über eine erheblich umfangreichere Missions-CD nachdenken.
WindowsPC Joker (Apr, 2000)
Kein perfekt ausgewogenes Spiel also, aber ein unterhaltsames: Die spannenden, von mittelalterlichen Klängen und deutscher Sprachausgabe begleiteten Schlachten lassen den mausgewandten PC-König nicht so schnell wieder los. Vor allem dann nicht, wenn sich im Netz noch drei weitere Despoten in den Kampf um den Thron mischen.
WindowsActionTrip (May 30, 2000)
Majesty has certainly brought some new notions to the genre. Still, a hybrid like this, with inadequately combined conceptually different elements, is not too playable on its own. The ideas introduced here will hopefully be used in some future, more mature projects.
WindowsFiringSquad (Apr 20, 2000)
Majesty is the paragon of innovation. Cyberlore promised a cool game that had roleplaying, RTS and Sim aspects, and they delivered. We enjoyed the casual romp through the campaign, unlocking the "secret" missions and had a bit of fun in the random campaigns. However, after a while, the AI drawbacks really got to us and we found ourselves because it was losing us games. This is where Master of Magic was good - it didn't let the AI run things, but gave it to you. Sure it was longer, and less realistic, but also less frustrating. But is it THAT bad? No, no more than bots that rail you from across the map in Quake the moment you come out from behind a wall, or Goliaths in StarCraft that almost trip over each other. Frustrating, but not game-killing. Majesty is a game that's designed (or destined to be played) with casual play in mind. It's a new experience and ranges from easy to challenging, slowly training the player up in skill.
WindowsStrategy Gaming Online (May 13, 2000)
All in all Majesty is a fun, lite strategy game. Yes, the gameplay is subtle and has some depth, but after the basics you can just play around with different strategies with the varying quests. The quests, thankfully, are varied in what you have to do, which is probably what makes you wish there were more quests, or just plain more campaigns. Majesty is in the same vein as Dungeon Keeper, so if you enjoy this sim/strategy type of gaming, I suggest Majesty will please you. For those who prefer more traditional based RTS games, Majesty may only frustrate you with it’s seemingly lack of direct control (or, hopefully, it will open doors in your mind to new venues of gaming).
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Die Idee, die eigenen Truppen mittels Belohnungen an Ihre Ziele zu locken, ist wirklich gelungen. Schade nur, dass Helden und Monster scheinbar unter Altersschwäche leiden, denn besonders fix bewegt sich in Ihrem Königreich niemand. Leider wurde auch das Rollenspiel-Element verschenkt, denn Ihre Charactere geben viel zu schnell den Löffel ab und können nicht große Kampferfahrungen sammeln. Dazu kommen Schwächen im Missions-Design, denn die Aufträge und Karten gleichen sich wie ein Ork dem anderen und motivieren langfristig nicht. Dennoch macht Majesty in den ersten Stunden jede Menge Spaß und hebt sich insgesamt doch positiv vom sonst üblichen Strategie-Einheitsbrei ab. Das originelle und ausbaufähige Konzept schreit geradezu nach einem Nachfolger - der dann allerdings etwas besser durchdacht sein müsste.
WindowsGame Captain (Apr 06, 2000)
Nett und kurzweilig - Genreprofis sind vielleicht ein wenig unterfordert. Die Multiplayeroption lohnt sich sicher.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 11, 2000)
This title could have used a lot more development and thought into the concept of being a fantasy kingdom simulation. It already has a strong foundation, a strong RPG element, creative units and structures, and a solid interface from which to command the action, but stumbles when it tries to capture the sensation of Warcraft 2 in its RTS elements. It is rather disappointing for a player to have such wonderfully unique units, but not have direct control over them. The map sizes are way too small, and this small scale destroys the connection one has with his kingdom. The scope needs to be raised, making the creation and management of a kingdom greater, rather than the structure building repetitiveness of upstart-kingdoms. Having to expand, quest, and defend your kingdom on a larger map while maintaining your original assets, with unit development, and finance management on a micro level would have made Majesty a true fantasy kingdom simulation.
MacintoshMacworld (Mar 01, 2001)
Majesty is an entertaining game that's rated E for Everyone, but it does contain some animated violence. Younger kids may also find some of the monsters a bit scary.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (Jun 04, 2000)
Majesty was fairly disappointing, in that it had a great idea, but just didn’t follow through. With a generous dollop of bug-fixing, and some general gameplay improvements, this could have been a sleeper hit in the RTS world. Instead, it will probably be relegated to the bargain bin sooner than expected. I sincerely hope to see a patch, expansion, or sequel out that fixes a lot of the problems with this game -- and the sooner, the better.
MacintoshMac Addict (Apr, 2001)
Majesty is a unique game that blends two genres fairly successfully. While this approach won't appeal to everyone, those patient enough to learn the game's intricacies will find the experience fit for a king.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Apr 02, 2001)
Majesty stands out primarily for the unique perspective of being a ruler, and not a micromanager. For this reason Majesty stands out against other real time strategies. Further to its credit, it is a very "complete" game, i.e. there is a wide range of gameplay options for both single player and multiplayer gaming that are both varied and flexible. So why does Majesty not rate higher? Ratings are somewhat deceptive... and for some people this game will definitely rank number one. For me, however, Majesty delivers one unique idea amidst a sea of been-there, done-that presentation.
WindowsGénération 4 (May, 2000)
Majesty est un sympathique jeu de gestion médiéval-fantastique dans lequel vous construisez puis gérez un royaume. Pour le défendre, vous engagez des héros (guerriers, magiciens, rangers, etc.) qui mènent leur propre vie et gagnent de l'expérience au fil de leurs batailles (ils montent de niveau, disposent de sorts, d'objets spéciaux). Rigolo : pour attaquer un monstre ou un bâtiment ennemi, on fixe une mise à prix et les héros vont l'attaquer s'ils sont intéressés par la récompense. Un peu rebattu mais intéressant. Les fans du genre vont aimer.
WindowsGameswelt (Mar 25, 2008)
Wer das Spiel damals geliebt, aber zwischendurch seine ollen Spiele entsorgt hat oder die letzten acht Jahre im Koma lag und von aktuellen Spielen überfordert ist, der kann sich 'Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim' ja für knapp 10 Euro noch einmal besorgen. Alle anderen sollten vielleicht den Kauf einer CD der gleichnamigen Metal-Band in Betracht ziehen – da kracht es wenigstens ordentlich.