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Mandragore Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Battle with a Titan
Battle with Tyranis in a Cave
Battle with 2 Shimpangor

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
Start of Syrella's adventure
Fighting a Tyranis
Character statistics

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen 1
Load screen 2
This is where the player chooses between the standard characters or creates their own
This screen shows the character attributes for the lead character, Syrela. Similar screens are shown for the other three characters.
Though the question may sound a little bit rude it's actually asking 'Are you happy with the default characters'
The game commences The game map is quite large and full versions are available on line. it boasts five types of terrain. The white ones are mountains and are impassible
I have moved North - just by typing 'N'. The game completes the remainder of the word
Combat sequence 1 : The party has stumbled onto some sort of beast and it's not friendly
Combat sequence 2 : I typed 1, the game replaced that with Syrela. I typed AT, the game completed the command I typed A, the game supplied the name of the beast
Combat sequence 3 : I have no weapon so I did not complete the WITH part of the command. Syrella still went up and struck the beast though and scored a hit
Combat sequence 4 : Finally Torlin strikes and kills the beast