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Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction sequence: the river
The Sludge'o'matic and the Tentacles
Purple Tentacle
The beginning
The Time Machine
The Edisons
Bernard is in the present...
...Laverne in the future...
...and Hoagie in the past (seen here with Benjamin Franklin)
Hoagie with George Washington & Co.
Dialogue (well, monologue in this case)
Using an object
Many strange characters in this game
References to other Lucas Arts' games
Talking to Weird Ed
Yay! He won!
Bernard in Doctor Fred's lab
A hood is stripping a car.
Bernard in one of the mansion rooms turned in a hotel room.
The evil Purple Tentacle is causing trouble across the world.
George Washington's room
Hoagie meets with Red Edison
Funny animation: Hoagie performs acrobatic moves to squeeze himself into the chimney
...while Laverne simple WEARS the same chimney (only in the future!)...
Hoagie will scratch his belly if you leave him alone for a while
Bernard pays a visit to the nice Green Tentacle
Outside area is very small. Hoagie is zoomed-out here
Laverne finds herself in a science room in the future. Note the ominous camera...
Dialogue options with a blue tentacle in the future controlled by tentacles
What a freak show! And look how many items I have...
The future is not all about tentacles, after all...
Laverne, dressed in a tentacle-patterned American flag, finds a cat outside
Is THAT what they meant when they spoke about controlling three characters??..
You can find a computer and play the entire original Maniac Mansion in this game! How cool is that?..