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Maniac Mansion Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Aside from Dave, you have to select two additional characters.
Cutscene from the introduction
A familiar sight, but with remarkable graphics!
Dr Fred has locked up Sandra in the basement.
Trapped in a cellar.
Razor, the singer of the punk band The Scummettes... can she resist trashing the vase?
The ground floor hallway
Wendy in the messy kitchen
A few new details have been added, such as this poster in Green Tentacle's room...
...hmmm, don't we know this sexy girl from somewhere? I just didn't know she was a musician too. ;) (Btw, check out the names of her songs which the kids will mention.)
Cousin Ted's bathroom - you can take a sponge from here and, if someone who can repair the phone is on your team, can get Edna's number.
The number of commands has been reduced without any loss and a very important one has been added - "Look at"! The comments aren't usually very interesting, but this one completes an Easter egg.
The pool looks much better now. Btw, a jar of radioactive water and a jar of tap water look different now, so there's no risk of forgetting if the stuff in your jar is safe to use.
The bottom. Now the kid who goes down can take the items very quickly and climb out in one phase, so it's even not impossible to close back the valve before Dr. Fred notices that the pool was empty.
This room has lost a lot of its color intensity and it's hard to see who is in the picture over the fireplace. Generally, for me VGA is not much of an improvement compared to the enhanced original.
Edna's wallpaper has interesting shading, but the room isn't as lovey-dovey-sickly-sweet as in the original.
However, now the flashlight offers very interesting light effects. And the best thing is that now dark rooms aren't completely dark and it's much easier to find a lamp or switch.
Another Easter egg - actually, when playing the original I thought that the poster was for one of the Indiana Jones games...
Bernard in the fourth floor hallway, which now looks somewhat better.
Weird Ed's room - it could have been improved more to highlight Ed's obsession with the military.
More flashlight testing - from this perspective, it's a pity that now when the power goes out, it's only for a short time, definitely much less than "5 or 6 minutes".
This room is dark by itself and not much improved, so I made a screenshot of Michael searching for the red light lamp with his flashlight.
This guy can publish the meteor's memoir (if it has been improved by Wendy) or Green Tentacle's demo (if you can get something to trade for the tape).
Sandy and Purple Tentacle in Dr. Fred's secret lab
The meteor has been banished, but at least he seems to be enjoying his space ride...