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Mappy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Time to play
Game starts
Collect radios and paints
Killing sound wave

Epoch Super Cassette Vision version

Title screen
Jump too many times and the trampoline will break
Open the door to unleash a microwave
On top left: a deadly microwave

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen

Game Gear version

Title screen
Choose game mode
Starting out in Mappy mode
Picked up electronics
Opening a door sends a sonic blast, eliminating enemies in its path
The big cat boss is after me
Second level
Oh no, I'm cornered!
Mappy loses a life
Bonus round
Pop balloons for bonus points
Bonus score
Round 3
Game over
Playing the "go-senso-sama no chôsen" mode
Hurry up!
I broke a trampoline

MSX version

Title screen
Recover the stolen goods
Use the trampoline to jump from floor to floor
Pick up the radio
Round has more trampolines
Open the door, quick!
A trampoline changes color when you jump on it. When turned red it will break
You can walk at the attic to bypass some trampolines
Pick up the electronic goods
Catch the bell

NES version

Title screen
Recover the stolen electronic goods
Use the trampoline to jump from platform to platform
You are chased by cats
You can jump a trampoline only for a few times. The color of the trampolines changes.
Doors only open to one side
A bonus round
Collect as many balloons as possible before time runs out.
That trampoline is going to break.
Your bonus round score.
The cat at the bottom is the boss cat.
When you've recovered all the stolen electronics, you'll go to the next round.
You can also walk at the attic of the house, but don't get trapped by two cats. It's hard to escape them there.

PC-88 version

Title/loading screen
Main menu
Stop! Police!!.. :)
Blasting and going through a door
Collecting art?..

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
On to the story!
Start of the game
Second stage
Bonus round, bounce across a series of trampolines, popping red balloons
Bonus round "earnings"
(New version) Title screen
(New version)
(New version) First Stage
(New version) Round 2
(New version) Bonus round
(New version) Bonus round results

Sord M5 version

Title screen
Starting out
All on the trampoline!
Pick up a valuable CRT TV, perfect for your retro games
Chased by nyankies
Opening the supersonic door, sending shockwaves at the cats
Game over

Official Screenshots

  • Mappy Screenshot
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  • Mappy Screenshot
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