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Xbox 360AceGamez (2006)
Marble Blast Ultra drives the point home even further when compared to the launch lineup of the 360 the Live Arcade may just be where the bulk of your enjoyment is had with the system right now. This title brings back all the memories of Marble Madness but with countless alterations and improvements. There are a few things I wish could be improved, such as the camera and music, but these shouldn't prevent you from spending £8 for all the content this game provides.
Xbox 360XBox Evolved (Jan 31, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra doesn’t have the challenge or elegant simplicity of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, yet it is easy enough to get into, play, and has enough to do that everyone can actually enjoy it rather than get their butt handed to them. At 800 Points ($10) it may seem like a steep price, but you will find yourself playing it for quite a few hours when you first purchase it, and playing it quite a bit in the future as well. If you haven’t bought an Xbox Live Arcade title yet, do yourself a favor and download this one.
Xbox 360TalkXbox (Feb 02, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra is an absolutely incredible value. For just ten dollars you get sixty stages of marble rolling fun, plus a full Xbox Live multiplayer mode playable with up to eight players. The graphics are outstanding, the soundtrack is good. Everything controls exceedingly well, and the controls are solid. The only real problems here are almost negligible- there could be more multiplayer modes, and there is a risk of the multiplayer gameplay becoming old. The latter, of course, is largely caused by the former. But, when it comes down to it, for ten dollars Marble Blast Ultra goes above and beyond the call of duty, and provides Xbox 360 gamers with a truly stellar title.
Xbox 360Planet Xbox 360 (2006)
At 800 Microsoft points (about $10 USD), Marble Blast Ultra is a solid game with some refreshing gameplay ideas for those who have grown weary from this years recycled arcade titles. This title will provide hours of entertainment, both on and offline, and should be something that leaves lasting impressions on the way you think about arcade titles.
Xbox 360TeamXbox (Jan 31, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra is one of the more entertaining Xbox Live Arcade games it stands alone in its genre. Part puzzle game, part platformer, and part competitive multiplayer action title, Marble Blast Ultra is a good value for players wanting a quick dosage of fun without getting tied up into a marathon gaming session.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 01, 2008)
Marble Blast Ultra konnte uns durch seinen gleichmäßig steigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad und abwechslungsreichen Leveldesigns überzeugen. Die Grafik entspricht zwar nicht dem heutigen Standard, ist aber mit Sicherheit noch im Rahmen des erträglichen und der hervorragende Online-Part des Spiels macht den ein oder anderen Technik-Patzer auch wieder wett.
Xbox 360Game Chronicles (Feb 09, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra is easy to learn and simple to play, but the increasingly difficult progression of puzzles always manage to throw something new and challenging your way with each new level. This is a game that is great for the entire family and will spark some real competition as you race to beat the Gold Times or just try to get your name somewhere close to the top of those leaderboards.
Xbox 360Lawrence (Aug 15, 2006)
Like a mix between the concepts of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, MBU puts you in control of a marble that you must guide to its destination. Along the way, you'll encounter loops, steep hills, pinball bumpers, and numerous entertaining powerups. Online play is fun in concept, but even a brief moment of lag is a problem with a game that requires precise control to avoid falling. Single-player is a lot of fun, however.
Xbox (UK) (Feb 14, 2006)
For the money Marble Blast Ultra is definitely worth a look, and even if you can't bring yourself to shell out for it, there's a decent demo to sample first. Sure, it's not going to win awards for its longevity, but its instant playability and rampantly addictive qualities make is damned near irresistible. A fitting update to an enduring classic.
Xbox 360GamesRadar (Apr 19, 2006)
The real pay-off of Marble Blast Ultra is in the swear-inspiring multiplayer. You probably want to turn your headset to mute during these matches as the action gets frantic enough to encourage streams of ear-blistering curses from even the most level-headed gamer. In a full 8-player game, the competition is ferocious with all eight marbles vying for a few precious red gems. Once you grab 'em, another set appears (usually on the other side of the map) and it's another mad rolling dash to collect more. Matches typically end up looking like someone dropped a stick of dynamite in a sack of marbles, only in reverse, because everyone converges on the gems. It's so simple in concept, but so rewarding to actually pull-off a win.
Xbox 360Wham! gaming (Jan 27, 2006)
Another puzzle game that has a ton of levels to keep you busy for hours. As you could probably guess from the name, you control a marble through several levels, collecting power ups to get you across huge gaps, tall structures and insane hills. There's also a thoroughly satisfying multiplayer game - who woulda thunk four marbles rolling across a room could be so fun?! The single player levels start off simple enough but become almost epic in scope (well, for a marble game!) later on.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games (Nov 14, 2007)
Marble Blast Ultra is a perfect example of what Xbox Live Arcade should be used for, simple and relaxing games which you might stick on for half an hour after work before tea, or whilst your waiting for your friend to sign in before your gaming session on something a little more intense. It’s not perfect but it is a very polished game which will keep you entertained in short bursts for a long time. For 800 points, this is near essential. Had it been released as a retail game, there is no doubt you would feel a little conned but that’s not what the game was ever intended to be. It’s everything a great game should be, simple, fun, challenging and relaxing. This is as essential for your hard drive as Geometry Wars is. An absolute blast.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Jan 26, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra is an enjoyable arcade title with a surprisingly extensive single player game and a solid multiplayer experience. The demo includes a few beginner levels, one intermediate, one advanced, and a time limited multiplayer session. It sells for 800 marketplace points and the installation will take up 31 MB on your Xbox 360 hard drive. I recommend this arcade title for anyone that enjoys a speedy game that requires a moderate amount of skill and strategic thinking. Personally, I have yet to play an arcade action title as much fun as Marble Blast Ultra. It's definitely worth the purchase, so go download that demo and try it out yourself.
Xbox 360Adventure Lantern (Apr, 2006)
Overall, Marble Blast Ultra makes for an entertaining arcade game. It can be played in short bursts since completing any given level does not take a great deal of time. Yet the addictive game play can end up keeping you in front of the TV. There is enough content to make the game last for a long time. Players can also engage in the multiplayer components of the game and compete against others through Xbox Live. The game does lack the kind of atmosphere and style that would have taken it to the next level and made it a truly great experience. But there definitely is fun to be had in traversing the 60 levels with your bold and fearless marble. As technology advances with each passing day, titles like Marble Blast Ultra prove there is still plenty of room for classic arcade gaming.
Xbox (Jan 14, 2010)
Avec l'offre pléthorique du Xbox Live Arcade, il peut sembler aujourd'hui incongru d'acheter Marble Blast Ultra tant celui-ci s'avère être un David face aux Goliath qui sortent chaque semaine. Mais pour un investissement minime, vous ne le regretterez pas. C'est en effet un modèle de réussite du XBLA : plaisant, simple, beau et long. Il est en outre possible d'y jouer cinq minutes, histoire de tuer le temps ou de se lancer dans une partie qui vous tiendra la soirée entière. Un jeu au plaisir immédiat, c'est aussi un jeu où ce plaisir ne s'estompe pas au fil des ans.
Xbox 360Game Shark (Feb 13, 2006)
Marble Blast Ultra is yet another game in a surprisingly good run of Xbox Live Arcade games. For the 800 point cost, you get a very fun game that is great in little spurts when you don’t have time for a 30 minute gaming session. Be careful though, rolling the marble is so addictive that 30 minutes will go by before you know it!
Xbox 360PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Jul 25, 2007)
Marble Blast Ultra is a fun and enjoyable game, it's a fantastic title for the Xbox Live Arcade because it's easily accessible and a game you can spend hours or minutes on.
Xbox 360Extreme Gamer (Mar 09, 2006)
In the end, Marble Blast Ultra is a clever puzzle game well worth the Microsoft Points, just make sure you try the demo before you buy.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Feb 22, 2006)
Playing through the beginner levels gives you a sense that this game might not be worth the 800 points because of the ease and speed which you'll blow through them, but make it to the advanced difficulty and you'll be swearing and tossing controllers. But after you clear the games single player levels, is there much reason to play it if you're not online? Aside from trying to beat your old time for a given course, I sadly don't see much the single player can offer for those looking for high replay value. The multiplayer option does offer a nice pop-in and play atmosphere with no major time commitment necessary which adds dramatically to the "bang for the point". Recommended.
Xbox 360IGN (Dec 21, 2005)
While Marble Blast Ultra is an entertaining distraction, it's not much more than that. There are plenty of unique physics to how the ball performs on different surfaces and flies through the air, lots of different textures you can apply to the marble with distinctive, appealing effects, and a few cool sound effects, but the game will get old faster than you'd like. You'll wind up getting bored with the constant techno music and turn on your own ripped tracks. As with other XBLA games you can check leaderboards for your fast times and compare yourself to your friends and the rest of the community.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Jan 27, 2006)
If you like games that require a steady hand and some occasional puzzle-solving skills, Marble Blast Ultra does both of these things. But its weak multiplayer and lack of variety make the 800-point price a little tough to justify. You might see everything you need to of this game just by playing the free demo.
Xbox 360MS Xbox World (2006)
This is a very nice action puzzle game but after completing the 60 levels, there would not be a lot for me to return to except to play on LIVE, which in turn is quite hard to do as you can’t find many human opponents what with so many other good 360 titles available.