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Marble Madness Construction Set Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Main menu
Start of the provided level set
The second screen, whcih is quite ramp-based
A couple of hazards up ahead
Screen 3 brings the first colour change
The black ball tries to ram you away from your choice of direction
Oil avoided here
The on-off barriers in the middle make this tough
Some scenery and a tragic ring here
Game over
The construction set, with level 1 on screen by default
Extra options, after I've placed a few ramps
Placing a precarious hole on the default level 1
Giving the level more of a riisk V reward feel

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Menu screen
Editing the supplied marble run. This run consists of 11 screens of increasing complexity. This is screen 04
Selecting the 'paper' option from the lower menu changes the background colour
Selecting the 'Ink' option from the lower menu changes the tile colour
Select 'Clear' from the lower menu and the predefined run is erased allowing the player to construct their own. This is done by selecting a tile from the right, it then appears on screen
Tiles can be placed incorrectly, there's two on this screen. They are erased by moving the cursor over them and pressing the 'FIRE' key
That's one gone, and the other's been targetted for removal
There's a TEST option on the lower menu that runs the track you've created. This is a total failure because the start marble falls into an area where no track has been built.
Built up the track and added some side tiles to stop the marble falling off the edge....
...and this is what it looks like when it runs. The ball just drops off the edge but these are baby steps compared to the supplied track