Mario Bros. Special Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-6001 version

Title Screen
1st Level
2nd Level

PC-88 version

Title screen
Yes, let's.
Mario must reach the top of the screen...
...and hit all five switches to open the exit
The second screen
These turtles must be destroyed!
...they don't want to be destroyed, though, and will bite Mario if he touches them
Kicking a stunned turtle
Got out of there just before the green fireball attacked!
Third screen, with conveyors
Killing turtles is secondary to grabbing money...Mario is so greedy
Mario also needs to bling out for some reason
Bonus level -- collect more money!
Bonus results
Back to the first screen, but now there's turtles in the way
Oh, a new type of enemy!
There are crabs here, too
Here, the gaps are moving now
Third cycle, and another new enemy appears

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Level 1, reach the top and activate the 5 switches to reveal the level exit, however the switches are timed, so make it quick
Level 2, featuring 10 trampolines, and two turtles appearing from the pipes above. Bouncing on a trampoline while a turtle is standing on it will flip him over, allowing you to defeat him
Level 3, conveyor belts and a central elevator platform, grab the dollar signs
Bonus stage, gotta get the dough
Score for the bonus stage
Second cycle, same levels but with new enemies - Sidesteppers (crabs)
Game Over, got bitten by a turtle
Two player mode