Mario is Missing! Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Software Toolworks Title
Language selection screen
Opening Screen
The first Koopa Boss
Plea from the Mayor
Title screen (French)
City map
Title screen (German)
What's that Koopa trying to lug away?
Message from Mario
Talk to the locals
Check out the Museums
Reading the brochures
Read about the local news
Another Koopa!
Option Screen
Locate yourself on the world map for Yoshii to find you

NES version

Well... if Mario is Missing, I guess it's all up to Luigi then...
This is what gameplay looks like... a lone plumber on a city street. If you know where you are, you can call Yoshi to give you a ride for faster speeds!
One way to find out where you are is to ask people about it
This is what the world looks like. There's only so many locations you'll end up.
Each of these cities has had their tourist attractions gone missing! Naturally you'll have to find them...
A suspicious looking koopa nearby. And he was just jaywalking. Better jump on his head!
A map of each city will help you get your bearings and find koopas as well as tourist attractions
This is your inventory where you collect art, valuables and entire buildings. Basically whatever was stolen from the cities.

SNES version

"NO! Not again! HELP ME!!!"
After some unexpected facts, the title screen appears with 2 options.
There are 5 doors to choose. Pick one of them and begin to search for Mario around the world!
When you press START, these options appears. The 1st shows the 3 recouped objects.
Selecting CITY MAP, the screen shows a full vision of the city. Very helpful!
The GLOBULATOR option allows you control Yoshi to the city where you are.
I think I am in Buenos Aires, so I'll try sending Yoshi there.
Yoshi appeared! Luigi must be on Yoshi's back to complete the stage.
Return the lost objects, answer a questionnaire and earn the reward offered!
Luigi and Yoshi giving a good example in the "transit"... :-)
Use the pipes scattered in the city to shorten distances and save some time.