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Mars Saga Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
The main menu
Part of the story so far...
In a bar looking for recruits
Exploring the area
Viewing a wanted ad
Hmm, this elevator is refusing to rise
Visiting a police station
Overhead view of the area
Checking email.
A development center. "We are here to pump you up!" Arnold says.
A hospital.
An armor shop.
A computer center.
A battle.
Shuttle station.
Talking to Cybil.
Lazer Slots.
A computer center.
A party member's stats.
A war room.
A police station.
Checking out your auto map.

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
in the bar
the computer control room
in combat
running through corridors
Creating a player disk.
Introduction to a new game. The story so far...
Character stats.
A computer terminal.
Mail server on a computer terminal.
Personal development center.
A hospital.
Repair shop.
Options menu.
Police station.
Laser slots.
Cosmic keno.
The armory.
The munitions store.
Mine entrance.
Controller's office.
Exploring Martian surface.
Fighting Martian creature.
City surface entrance.
Exploring a mine.
Auto-mapping - it's such a beautiful thing.

DOS version

Title screen
Recruiting members in The Sand Bar
Exploring Primus City
Viewing a character's stats
Text-only intro to the story
Main menu
Your options menu in the game
Apathetic Corporate Hospital?
Buying armor.
I don't want to go through walls, silly, I just want to look closer at that poster!
Area map - a handy feature!
You can zoom the area map. A rare example in early RPGs
You are attacked by a random thug.
Many locations have detailed descriptions.
You can attack random innocent people... if you're evil.
Combat options
Combat in progress. You can let the computer AI do all the work.
Betting in a casino.
Lots of information available at computer terminals.
Space station. You can buy a window seat!
Exploring the surface of Mars.
Attacked by Martian wild creatures.
Cybil Graves.
Police Station.
Laser Slots.
Controller's Office.
It's usually a good idea not to mess with cops.
A pilferer attacks down in the mines.
Discovering a box of explosives down in the mines.
Meeting with a Nomad.
Entrance to city from the surface.
Do you trust this guy?
In case you ever had the urge to run old computer hardware on Titan, here's your chance.
Area view on surface.
Attack by a thrasher!
A fight down in the volcano vent tunnels.
A volcano vent leading down... Do you take it?
Area map of a volcano vent tunnel.