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    Follow in the footsteps of great movie detectives such as Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade . . .

    Tex Murphy, the hard boiled gumshoe of MEAN STREETS, returns to the screen in MARTIAN MEMORANDUM. Marshall Alexander, the president of Terraform Corp. asks Tex to find his missing daughter. Tex will face murder, deception, romance and prophecy as he investigates the disappearance and mystery of the Martian Memorandum. What he discovers will take him from his home in San Francisco to the Martian colonies in the year 2039. And just as Mars hides secrets just below its surface, so too does Marshall Alexander ...

    Let me tell you why.

    Consider a good movie. How does a movie make you cry? It isn't real. It's only moving images projected onto a screen. So how can it evoke such strong feelings?

    The answer is simple! A movie combines elements of sign and sound to make your brain think it's real and to stimulate emotions from previous experiences.

    MARTIAN MEMORANDUM does the same thing. By using full motion video and digitized sound, we're able to expand the emotional experience.

    As the player, you get deeper into the plot, you become an actual participant, and experience much more than mere animated objects on a still background.

    No other entertainment product features the full power of motion video and synchronized, digitized speech. As you play Martian Memorandum, the personality and mood of the characters is immediately evident. This allows a player to experience a level of realism that has never been achieved before.

    Tex Murphy

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Feb 24, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    It's 2039, six years after solving the Linsky murder case and the years have been less than kind to Tex Murphy. In post-holocaust San Francisco, he's been subjected to constant radiation, but what's really put the lines in his face are the years trying to stay afloat and recapture the glory of his first big case.

    While working on his first case, Tex has stumbled into - and foiled - a conspiracy to dominate the world. Since then, he's been high and dry, trying to keep from being broke. Understandably, he jumps at the chance offered to him by the powerful Marshall Alexander.

    Alexander's daughter, Alexis, has disappeared, possibly kidnapped, and along with her, something which Alexander refers to only vaguely. The Oracle Stone, a priceless artifact of a long-dead Martian civilization, is something that some people would gladly kill to possess. The missing stone and missing daughter lead Tex into the cesspools of society and out into the desolate wastelands of the Red Planet.

    Contributed by Eurythmic (2697) on Aug 16, 1999.