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Mass Effect 3: Omega Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

It all starts with a private conversation with Aria T'Loak
Aria's fleet is stationed near the Citadel
Aria's stats
Approaching Omega station
General Petrovsky, the main villain of Omega DLC
The landing didn't go very well... Fighting Cerberus troops in hangar bay
Aria's biotic blast
These guns need to be disabled or the attack is doomed
New enemy - Rampart Mech
When destroyed, Rampart Mechs turn into a burning mess that may injure the player
The first female Turian to appear in the series - Nyreen Kandros
Nyreen's stats
Aria's bunker
Several side-quests are available in Aria's bunker
Aria is plotting her next move
A view of Omega
It's not exactly vertical combat since I can't get up there, but still a bit of something different
Aria speaks up to the citizens
Elcor merchant Harrot from ME2 makes a cameo appearance
Suspense builds up
New enemy - Adjutant
Omega's reactor
A battle inside the perimeter
Aria is trying to break the perimeter with her biotic power
Disarming the bombs in a timed sequence
The mechs are tough, even more so when they are near energy refill stations
Aria and Nyreen are on the wanted list
In desperate times crazy prophets like this enjoy the attention of citizens
Entering Afterlife, Omega's nightclub from ME2
Afterlife has been turned into a command center
General Petrovsky's chess set
The aftermath include Omega fleet as war assets