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Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Playing a game on Firebase Jade as the Vorcha sentinel.
The Krysae sniper rifle has an automatic scope and fires explosive rounds.
The flamer is only effective at close range. Strong against organic enemies, less useful against the Geth.
Assigning powers for the Vorcha sentinel.
The Krysae sniper rifle and other weapons from this expansion pack are obtained through purchases of item packs.
This fourth gear slot offers a persistent bonus that does not expire after the end of a match.
Project Phoenix adept is chasing the designated target.
All team members are waiting at the extraction point for the shuttle.
Delivering the package to the extraction zone.
Firebase Jade on Sur'Kesh is surrounded by waterfalls.
The Reegar Carbine is a short-ranged weapon that fires a stream of electricity.
The Quarian Male engineer is one of six new multiplayer classes.
Tactical Scan increases damage done to the target and is also slowing its movement speed.