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Compiled by iD Software in response to various commercial DOOM wad collections like D!Zone, the Master Levels for DOOM II was intended to be the largest mega-collection of additional Doom maps (the "Maximum Doom" collection), plus twenty new official maps (the "Master Levels").

The "Master Levels" are twenty stand-alone maps from independent level designers commissioned by iD. There is no overall campaign or an attempt to tie the levels together, though some of the levels from the same designer do have a connected story of their own.

"Maximum Doom" is a collection of 201 .wads (map packs with varying numbers of levels inside) for the original Doom and 1,629 wads for DOOM II, leading to the package's claim of 3,000 total new levels. These wads are not commissioned by iD or made by professional designers, and no claim is made as to these being the "most popular" or "best designed" homebrew levels available. The maps were gathered from various free or FTP sites on the Internet; however, the time and dial-up cost for a player to find and download the same collection of .wads themselves would have been substantial.


Master Levels for DOOM II Windows Map selection (Steam version)
Master Levels for DOOM II DOS "The Garrison" by <moby developer="Christen David Klie">Christen David Klie</moby>
Master Levels for DOOM II DOS "Bad Dream" - secret level in <moby developer="Sverre Kvernmo">Sverre Kvernmo</moby>'s "teeth.wad".  At least 30 Cyberdemons. One chainsaw.
Master Levels for DOOM II Windows 'Attack' by <moby developer="Tim Willits">Tim Willits</moby>

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Master Levels for DOOM II Screenshot
Master Levels for DOOM II Screenshot
Master Levels for DOOM II Screenshot
Master Levels for DOOM II Screenshot

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According to one of the contributors, Christen Klie:
1. id accepted as many maps as an author could submit - provided id had time to review them, and provided the maps met quality standards. I seem to recall id wanting to publish 20 maps in total, but that might not have been a hard figure.

2. We were all paid a flat-rate fee for each map. Same fee across the board.

3. It wasn't clear until the end of development whether the Master Levels would be presented as a mega-wad or as stand-alone levels. I personally was hoping they'd be combined into a mega-wad.

4. Apologies, as I don't recall what the other authors' intentions were regarding map order. I'm pretty sure Sleep had an order in mind for his levels, and I know I had an order in mind for Subspace and Subterra - which were to have been followed by a map called Subderma, which I didn't get time to make.
(Source: Doomworld forums, 2008)


Master Levels for DOOM II contains a shell program named "DOOM-IT" from which the various new level .wads are loaded. It also features networking/modem setups, automatic recording of level plays ("demo" recordings), and other useful features. It was written by Chris Badger for id Software, and does not appear to be available outside of the Master Levels for DOOM II release.

Rejected level

Tom Mustaine's first submission to the Master Levels was a map inspired heavily by Doom II's MAP14 ("The Inmost Dens"). However, id's American McGee (the original author of MAP14) rejected Mustaine's map, claiming that it wasn't original enough ("go make some of your own geometry!", McGee supposedly said). Mustaine promptly created the map "Paradox" instead, which got successfully accepted.

Secret level

Master Levels for DOOM II actually contains 21 maps - "teeth.wad" by Sverre Andre Kvernmo contains a secret level titled "Bad Dream."

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