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Master of Monsters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Choosing a campaign/map
The game begins
Main actions
Summoning a monster
The enemy is moving his troops.
Battle animation: Lizard vs. Warrior
An angel casting a spell against a unicorn.
An enemy wizard is conquering a tower.
Griffon vs. Dragon
Icy terrain
The colored fields indicate the moving-range.
Troll vs. Pegasus
After having defeated my angel, the enemies unicorn gains a level.
Water Genie attacks Roman
Air Genie attacks troll
Dragon's flying in terra incognita
Choose monster to summon
Islands invasion

MSX version

Title screen
Main menu
This is your base, with the warlock in the middle
List of magic spells for the warlock
The map shows how much territory is occupied by each side
Choosing a monster for creation
Meanwhile, at the red base...
Captured a tower!
Moving an angel towards another tower
Oh no, red occupied a tower as well
A new state of affairs
Fighting: blue dragon vs. red barbarian
Choosing an adversary
The angel punishes the barbarian
The red demon sends a bolt of lightning at my dragon
My angel electrocutes the red unicorn
The table of units
Pegasus fights gryphon
The terrain editor

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Editor. Tough to figure out...

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The short intro
Choosing a scenario
Getting started...
Viewing the entire map
Hmm, not much of an army, eh?..
Meanwhile, the enemy is re-structuring...
The reds have occupied a tower!..
Movement range
Viewing enemy statistics
Deploying monsters
Hey, don't touch my unicorn... or is it a pegasus, whatever :)
Oh wow, a battle of winged creatures!..
In this scenario, the yellows start with a mighty army
Octopus attacks my pig... errr... I mean... orc from the sea :)
Die, you foul beast!..
This scenario is more rural, so to say