Advertising Blurbs

From back of box:

    Napoleon's vast empire stretched from Madrid to Moscow.

    The empire of Alexander the Great blanketed Persia, Egypt, and western India.

    But compared to your empire, their's are cosmic dust. Beacause, in Master Of Orion, you'll create an empire that will stretch across the entire galaxy!

    Starting with a single planet, you'll develope resources and design ships for your alien population to colonize nearby stars. As you obtain new technology and equip your ships with more ordnance, you'll build a powerful fleet of space ships from small shuttles to gargantuan, planet-smashing dreadnoughts.

    With your fleet at your command, you'll cambat ruthless enemy armadas with an awesome array of weapons. Pursue trade and negotiation with alien races. Send spies to steal technology and sabotage enemy facilities. And compete with your enemies as you struggle to inhabit or exploit distant planets. Planets for which you dictate productivity, defense, and even population capacity.

    Use your technology wisely, keep a close eye on the growth of your empire, and there's no telling how much of the universe you'll conquer as Master Of Orion!

    • Explore the galaxy and defend your empire with your massive star fleet.

    • Balance the unique talents of alien beings with new technologies. A single discovery can turn the tables on your enemies!

    • Lead one of ten different races, each with unique strategies and abilities.

    • Compete against five other alien races. Fall behind, and you'll be forced to watch their ships destroy your entire armada.

    • Design your ships with powerful new engines, missiles, bombs, shields, lasers, and cloaking devices.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 05, 2001.