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Mastermind Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's load screen
After the load screen the game shows a series of still photographs of 'The Chair' and some spotlights to the accompaniment of the Mastermind music
The game's title screen follows the musical introduction
The game uses video footage of Magnus Magnusson to present the information bits
A player id must be created and signed in before the game can be played. Up to four people can take part
Each player must select a specialised subject and then a sub category. Here History has been selected as the specialised subject and seven sub categories have been offered
While the question is being asked the first few letters of the answer appear. Gradually more and more of the answer is revealed as time passes until the player picks one
At the end of the General Knowledge round the scores for the game are revealed and the winner is announced (as "First Contender" not "Moby Gamer")
The highest score generates a code which could be sent in to the BBC to take part in a competition, see Mastermind's Trivia section for more