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Math Blaster: Episode 2 - Secret of the Lost City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Our heroes' spaceship
The subtraction obsessed Dr. Minus appears.
Critical damage
The crew panics.
Observing the lost city.
Inside the lost cities' oddly abandoned interior. Collecting numbers and operating switches.
Walking for a four.
Spot operates the lift for the commander.
Solving the problem!
The building is now activated.
These ugly particles all want to get through carrying a number, get only the one that fits the blank.
They can retaliate though.
Blaster down!
Finishing up with Spot. Red lights are for incorrect numbers.
A powered building
The field... still can get into the center.
Red blocks are warps... be careful not to jump off.
That look like something... I can't quite place it though... not a building though.
Creature creator
The series of mutations was well implemented. At last we may have red cubes.
The city was actually a gigantic spaceship.
And it is filled with all this awesome stuff to look at 8D.
Never know when you might need a claw.
The bellows
Escape pod
Taking to the sky.
The fleet of Dr. Minus 3-2=1-1= (suspense)
Your score, print?
More decimals
Problem editor.