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Mazes of Fate Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Choose your language
Title screen
Select what class of character you want to play as
Surprise, Surprise your first mission involves killing rats in someones cellar
The rats a the weakest enemies you encounter
You move around the town in a third person perspective
You get set up early on and have to fight your way out of the house
These enemies appear quite regularly but are easy to kill
Check the corpses as some contain items
The equipment screen
The world map
Some enemies drop items which can be sold on or used
Inside the corn field
The missing nephew is found in the corn field maze
These enemies sometimes attack in pairs
Checking the skeletons reveals multiple items
These shadelings are quite strong when you are at lower levels
The check ability allows you to spot fake walls
Two clay knights these can be quite devastating if you don't move about while battling
These doors take you up or down a level
A teleport which takes you to another area of the map
The first boss you encounter is fairly strong
This ruby key is needed to progress further
Collecting the ruby gem makes this enemy who is indestructible
This puzzle involves stepping on the correct pressure plates
This key is need to unlock a door
This pool has been contaminated and needs cleansing
You are allowed to enter El Paso in order to complete your quest
Some of the rocks are alive and have a very high defence
These enemies are all over El Paso and are very strong

Nintendo DS version

Title screen.
Character selection.
Name edit screen.