M.C. Kids Screenshots

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Amiga version

Choose one or two players.
Intro - Camping out in the backyard.
Intro - Two kids reading a book.
Intro - Ronald tells you what you need to do.
Ronald's Clubhouse Map.
Starting off a level.
Jumping through the air by using a spring.
Killer snail!
Upside down!
Going down?
Flying through the air.
Dancing flower of doom!
Made it to the end of a level!
There's a piranha down below!
Found a McCard!
On a wooden platform.
Completed another level - high five!
On a giant floating leaf.
Collecting Golden Arches.
Complete Ronald's Clubhouse stage.
Onto the next stage...
Birdie's Treehouse map.
Up in the clouds.
Things are slippery on the ice!
Poor gopher is half frozen!
Icy bridge.
Game Over!

Atari ST version

Loading screen
A nod to Arc Developments' involvement
Move the playing sprite to choose the number of players
The calm before the storm
Ronald's quest
I'm surprised nobody from Hamburg ever sued over this....
Gameplay hint
Level selection
Game start
Throw the block onto the animal
On the edge of a ledge
Taken a hit, hence the white shadow of my player
Moving platform
The end-of-level position
Level completed - they're about to High-Five
Level 2 starts with a beaver to dodge
The bonus M is in sight
Be prepared...
The leaves help movement
Fallen into a trap
That thing can be killed with the bricks
On the shore
Sailing merrily
Swimming with the fishes
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Mario-esque level selection
Game start
Collecting Ms on a moving platform
Carrying the bricks used as weapons
Scaling a platform
On flatter ground
Selecting a second level
In a forest.
Going down?
A gopher.
Birdie's House map.
In the clouds.
Poor gopher is half-frozen!
Icy platform.
Icy bridge.
Grimace's House map.
First level of the Grimace's House set.
On a bridge.
On a log.
There's a boat and fish here.

DOS version

Title screen
Players selection
Introduction: Mick and Mack camping out in the back yard.
Introduction: Any guesses that the storybook is magically enchanted?
Ronald gives you a vital mission.
Overland map
Start of level 1
Mind the evil vegetation!
Do not correct your screen. Turns out that up and down are not constant. (Another innovation swiped from Prey!)
Bumpers bump you back to the beginning of the level.
One of us is definitely oriented the wrong way.
A hi-five after the level has been completed.
Handy leaf-bridges
The trip-line on the ground indicates the end of the level.
These Marvelous Mountain views Make you think of anything, hmM?
Spring pads help you to jump higher and stock up on bonus golden arches.
Game over!

Game Boy version

Title screen
Choose a character, and difficulty
The adventure begins...
Stage select, Mario Bros 3-style
Typical gameplay
Too many "logos".
Game over screen.

NES version

Title screen
Meeting Ronald McDonald
Map of Ronald's world
Found one of Ronald's cards!
1st level in Ronald's world
Completed a level!
1st level in Birdie's world