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In Medal of Honor: Frontline, you play as Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a member of a special forces team.

As a soldier during WW2, you must complete various missions and objectives. You will take part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, seize the Nijmegen Bridge, infiltrate a weapons facility, sabotage a German U-Boat and more.

You will have access to historically accurate weapons and equipment, such as pistols, rifles, and explosives.

Parts of the game will have you working alongside other soldiers, which adds to the overall experience. Some missions require you to use stealth, where you must pose as a Nazi and show identification without giving yourself away.


Medal of Honor: Frontline PlayStation 2 Messing up the plans for mining the bridge for the incoming allied tank division.
Medal of Honor: Frontline PlayStation 2 Using machine gun mounted on a jeep to help your fellow soldiers.
Medal of Honor: Frontline Xbox You get a little background story & information before each mission.
Medal of Honor: Frontline PlayStation 2 Some tanks just aren't affected by hand grenades, but your demolition squad member will take care of such matters.

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Medal of Honor: Frontline Screenshot
Medal of Honor: Frontline Wallpaper
Medal of Honor: Frontline Screenshot
Medal of Honor: Frontline Wallpaper


Alternate Titles

  • "MOHF" -- Informal title
  • "Medal of Honor: En Première Ligne" -- French title

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User Reviews

A decent FPS on the PS2, but could've ironed out some issues. PlayStation 2 StickFigures (176)
An emotional, immersive WWII FPS PlayStation 2 Matt Neuteboom (989)
Whow, actually a good one in the series. PlayStation 2 MAT (229784)
Excellent war game that help paved the way. PlayStation 2 Big John WV (27209)
Witness the beginning of the decline of the 'Medal of Honor' series. PlayStation 2 Entorphane (375)

Critic Reviews

Game Informer Magazine PlayStation 2 Jun, 2002 9 out of 10 90 PlayStation 2 Jun 10, 2002 89 out of 100 89 Xbox Dec 14, 2002 87 out of 100 87
ActionTrip PlayStation 2 Jul 11, 2002 86 out of 100 86
GameZone GameCube Nov 26, 2002 8.5 out of 10 85 GameCube Dec 05, 2002 17 out of 20 85
GamePro (US) Xbox Nov 11, 2002 4 out of 5 80
Gamesdog PlayStation 2 Oct 01, 2003 8 out of 10 80
GameCell UK GameCube 2002 7 out of 10 70
Gameplanet GameCube Jan 13, 2003 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars 60


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Enigma machine

During the second mission of chapter two, "Storm in the Port", you are on a German U-Boat and have to steal any information you can and sabotage the boat. However, the level contains a bonus objective that is not told to you by the game. You can find a German Enigma Machine, and by pressing the action button can take the machine's codes and complete the bonus objective, and earn a medal for the action.

The German Enigma coding machine was not fictitious. It was in fact real. The Enigma was an encryption and cipher machine that the Germans used most famously in WWII. The system of encryption for the Enigma was extremely complex, and only through operator error, procedural error, or captured codebooks (a.k.a cipher) could the Allies decipher the messages. As a result, the Enigma's codebooks and secrets were extremely well-guarded. The simple fact that you can walk up to the machine and steal the codebook is questionable in the game, though such a feat certainly would have been awarded.

There is also the matter of historical accuracy. During WWII, only 15 cipher books had been captured, and the Americans and Canadians had one each. The rest were performed by the British. As well, the Naval Enigma cipher was actually captured by a British boarding crew on the U-110, not a single American soldier.

Besides the historical background, the little objective is also a reference to the WWII movie U-571. The plot of the movie details an American naval crew attempting to capture the Naval Enigma cipher aboard the U-Boat U-571. This movie is also just as historically inaccurate as the game, which suggests, perhaps, that it was even the basis for which the objective was based on.

Another funny reference is that in the cheat menu, the typewriter you enter in cheats on is actually the Enigma itself.

German version

In Germany the game had to be pulled from the shelves and all the covers had to be reprinted, because there was a swastika on the back cover and Nazi symbols aren't allowed in (or on) games there. For the same reason all Nazi flags in the game were replaced. Additionally all level statistics (except time and overall evaluation) were removed, the cutscenes using historical film material were re-cut and all words like "Nazi", "Hitler" or "Führer" were avoided during localization. A detailed list of changes can be found on (German).


All of the Nazis speak real German. If you go to the cheat menu, and turn on subtitles, you can see what they say if you sneak up on them unnoticed. Some of the conversations they have are quite humorous, and can be pretty long as well.


Several of the chapters in the game are actually modeled off of famous WWII movies and novels.

The first and most obvious one is the "D-Day" mission, modeling its missions, plot, and setting to the movie Saving Private Ryan. Besides the entire plot and completely recreated setting, several elements are borrowed from the movie, including the hopeless abandonment on the beach, the frantic bunker gunfire, shelling, and storming the seawall.

Chapter two, "Storm in the Port" also takes its setting from Saving Private Ryan. The first mission is a reenactment of the climax of the movie, where you must fight through the broken wreckage of a French town to help the Allies in their struggle against advancing Axis soldiers and tanks. The second part of the chapter, storming the German U-Boat pen, also models quite a bit of its scenery and costume design off of cliche German submarine movies.

It makes sense that the game would borrow heavily from Saving Private Ryan; Steven Spielberg directed the movie, and also had a major part in the production of the game.

Another one of these chapters in the game is titled "Several Bridges Too Far". This is an homage to the WWII 1970's book and movie A Bridge Too Far. The plot of the book and movie detailed Operation Market Garden, the failed Allied attempt to break through German lines at Arnhem in the occupied Netherlands.

In an reenactment, the chapter in the game puts you on the front lines of Operation Market Garden. The missions take you through the war-swept city of Arnhem, where you actually rendezvous with the men trapped behind enemy lines in Nazi occupied Netherlands. Throughout the chapter, you even meet most of the characters that are portrayed in the movie.

Information also contributed by Matt Neueboom

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